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Call # KF9084.A75 D57 2011
Title Dispute resolution : beyond the adversarial model / Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow ... [et al.]
Imprint New York : Aspen Publishers, c2011
Edition 2nd ed
Book Cover
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Descript. xlix, 721 p. ; 26 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Dispute resolution (Law) -- United States
Alt Author Menkel-Meadow, Carrie
OCLC # 676068052
Table of Contents
 Preface to the Second Editionxxxi
 Preface to the First Editionxxxv
ch. 1 Entering the Fields of Conflict and Dispute Resolution3
A.Theoretical Underpinnings of Conflict and Dispute Resolution6
 Conflict Theory / Carrie Menkel-Meadow6
 Problem 1-19
 Strategy of Conflict / Thomas C. Schelling10
 Constructive Conflict / Mary Parker Follett10
 Argument Culture: Moving from Debate to Dialogue / Deborah Tannen11
 Trouble with the Adversary System in a Postmodern, Multicultural World / Carrie Menkel-Meadow12
 Problem 1-213
 Problem 1-313
B.Frameworks for Handling Conflicts and Disputes13
 Mothers and Fathers of Invention: The Intellectual Founders of ADR / Carrie Menkel-Meadow17
 Forms and Limits of Adjudication / Lon L. Fuller18
 Courts: A Comparative and Political Analysis / Martin Shapiro20
 Problem 1-421
C.Institutions of Conflict and Dispute Resolution22
 Varieties of Dispute Processing / Frank E.A. Sander24
 Problem 1-529
 Center for Public Resources, The ABC's of ADR: A Dispute Resolution Glossary30
D.Animating Values for Conflict and Dispute Resolution: Of Peace and Justice37
 Whose Dispute Is It Anyway? A Philosophical and Democratic Defense of Settlement (In Some Cases) / Carrie Menkel-Meadow38
 Settlement and the Erosion of the Public Realm / David Luban39
 Against Settlement / Owen M. Fiss39
 Problem 1-642
 Remembering the Role of Justice in Resolution: Insights from Procedural and Social Justice Theories / Nancy A. Welsh43
 Practicing "In the Interests of Justice" in the Twenty-First Century: Pursuing Peace and Justice / Carrie Menkel-Meadow44
 Problem 1-746
 Further Reading47
ch. 2 Lawyer as Problem Solver49
 Problem 2-150
A.Client/Lawyer Relationship50
 When Should We Use Agents? Direct vs. Representative Negotiation / Frank E.A. Sander51
 Problem 2-252
 Lawyerless Dispute Resolution: Rethinking a Paradigm / Jean R. Sternlight53
 Beyond Winning / Andrew S. Tulumello55
 Problem 2-357
B.Client-Centered Approach57
 Beyond Cardboard Clients in Legal Ethics / Katherine R. Kruse58
 Problem 2-459
1.Identifying Clients' Interests59
 Lawyers as Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach / Susan C. Price60
 Pursuit of a Client's Interest / Warren Lehman62
 Problem 2-564
 Lawyers as Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach / Susan C. Price65
 Lawyers as Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach / Susan C. Price68
 Problem 2-672
 Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiating: Skills for Effective Representation / Joseph D. Harbaugh72
 Problem 2-775
 Good Lawyers Should Be Good Psychologists: Insights for Interviewing and Counseling Clients / Jennifer Robbennolt75
 Problem 2-878
3.Client Counseling78
 Lawyers as Counselors: A Client-Centered Approach / Susan C. Price79
 Good Lawyers Should Be Good Psychologists: Insights for Interviewing and Counseling Clients / Jennifer Robbennolt81
 Problem 2-983
 Looking Down the Road Less Traveled: Challenges to Persuading the Legal Profession to Define Problems More Humanistically / Nancy A. Welsh83
 Further Reading86
ch. 3 Negotiation: Concepts and Models89
 Problem 3-192
A.Approaches to Negotiation92
 Conflict and Conflict Management / Kenneth Thomas93
 Problem 3-296
 Problem 3-396
1.Distributive Approaches to Negotiation96
a.Competitive Bargaining96
 Primer on Competitive Bargaining / Gary Goodpaster96
b.Accommodating and Cooperative Approaches to Negotiation97
 Context-Based Theory of Strategy Selection in Legal Negotiation / Donald G. Gifford97
 Problem 3-499
2.Integrative or Problem-Solving Negotiation99
 Problem 3-5100
 Toward Another View of Legal Negotiation: The Structure of Problem Solving / Carrie Menkel-Meadow101
 William Ury & Bruce Patton, Getting to YES / Roger Fisher105
 Problem 3-6108
 Problem 3-7109
 Shattering Negotiation Myths: Empirical Evidence on the Effectiveness of Negotiation Style / Andrea Kupfer Schneider109
 Problem 3-8111
B.Choosing Negotiation Approaches111
 Adversaries? Partners? How About Counterparts? On Metaphors in the Practice and Teaching of Negotiation and Dispute Resolution / Jonathan R. Cohen112
1.Prisoner's Dilemma114
 Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern / Douglas R. Hofstadter114
 Problem 3-9115
 Evolution of Cooperation / Robert Axelrod115
 Problem 3-10120
2.Negotiator's Dilemma120
 Manager as Negotiator: Bargaining for Cooperation and Competitive Gain / James K. Sebenius120
 Problem 3-11122
3.Solution-Be Flexible123
 Protean Negotiation / Peter S. Adler123
 Further Reading125
ch. 4 Skills and Practices in Negotiation127
A.Preparing and Presenting Your "Case"128
1.Set Your Goals128
 Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People / G. Richard Shell128
 Problem 4-1131
 Problem 4-2131
2.Set Your Limits131
 Positive Theory of Legal Negotiation / Russell Korobkin132
 Problem 4-3135
 Problem 4-4135
3.Speaking Persuasively136
 Problem 4-5137
 Problem 4-6137
 Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion / Robert B. Cialdini139
 Problem 4-7140
 Problem 4-8140
 Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most / Sheila Heen141
4.Using Appeals to Justice and Fairness142
 Role of Fairness in Negotiations / Cecilia Albin142
 Problem 4-9145
 Problem 4-10145
 Problem 4-11146
 Problem 4-12146
B.Working with the Other Side146
1.Learning About Them146
 Know When to Show Your Hand / Carrie Menkel-Meadow146
 Was Machiavelli Right? Lying in Negotiation and the Art of Defensive Self-Help / Peter Reilly147
2.Understanding Their Point of View149
 Beyond Winning / Andrew S. Tulumello150
 Problem 4-13151
 Beyond Machiavelli: Tools for Coping with Conflict / Andrea Schneider152
 Listen Up / Alain Burrese155
4.Building Trust157
 When People Are the Means: Negotiating with Respect / Jonathan Cohen157
 Procedural Justice in Negotiation: Procedural Fairness, Outcome Acceptance, and Integrative Potential / Tom R. Tyler159
 Mind and Heart of the Negotiator / Leigh Thompson160
 Problem 4-14161
C.Applying the Process162
1.Creating Better Solutions162
 Aha? Is Creativity Possible in Legal Problem Solving and Teachable in Legal Education / Carrie Menkel-Meadow162
 Creativity and Problem-Solving / Jennifer Gerarda Brown165
 Achieving Integrative Agreements / Dean Pruitt170
 Problem 4-15173
 Problem 4-16174
2.Avoiding Common Mistakes and Errors of Judgment174
a.Judgment Errors175
 Conflict Resolution: A Cognitive Perspective / Amos Tversky175
 Problem 4-17176
 Problem 4-18176
 Anchoring, Information, Expertise, and Negotiation: New Insights from Meta-Analysis / Chris Guthrie177
 One Minute Manager Prepares for Mediation: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Negotiation Preparation / Donald R. Philbin, Jr.177
 Problem 4-19178
 Problem 4-20179
 Psychological Principles in Negotiation Civil Settlements / Craig R. Fox179
 Problem 4-21181
 Culture, Negotiation, and the Eye of the Beholder / Frank E.A. Sander182
 Problem 4-22183
 Problem 4-23184
 Further Reading184
ch. 5 Negotiation Law and Ethics187
A.Rules Regarding Negotiated Settlements187
1.Duty to Inform and Gain Approval of Settlements187
2.Keeping Settlements Confidential188
 Problem 5-1189
3.Enforcement of Settlements189
B.How Lawyers (Should) Behave in Negotiations190
 What's Fair in Negotiation? What Is Ethics in Negotiation? / Carrie Menkel-Meadow191
 Stare v. Tate193
 Problem 5-2195
 Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People / G. Richard Shell195
 Problem 5-3196
3.Material Facts197
 Vulcan Metals Co. v. Simmons Manufacturing Co.197
 Problem 5-4198
 Beavers v. Lamplighters Realty199
 Problem 5-5200
C.Ethical Rules200
 Ethics, Morality and Professional Responsibility in Negotiation / Carrie Menkel-Meadow203
 Problem 5-6208
D.Approaches to Ethical Dilemmas208
 Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People / G. Richard Shell209
 Machiavelli and the Bar: Ethical Limitations on Lying in Negotiation / James J. White213
 Problem 5-7214
 Problem 5-8215
 On Being a Happy, Healthy, and Ethical Member of an Unhappy, Unhealthy, and Unethical Profession / Patrick J. Schlitz215
 Problem 5-9219
 Problem 5-10220
 Further Reading220
ch. 6 Mediation: Concepts and Models223
A.Introduction to Mediation223
1.What Is Mediation?223
2.Advantages of Mediation225
a.Settlement: Avoiding the Expense, Delay, and Risk of Adjudication225
b.Participation and Self-Determination: Giving Parties Voice and Choice226
c.Better Outcomes: Generating Creative Problem Solving227
d.Relationship, Community, and Harmony: Building Bridges Between People228
 Problem 6-1228
 Problem 6-2229
3.History of the U.S. Mediation Movement229
e.Civil Cases231
g.Other Arenas232
4.Mediation's Core Values232
 Introduction / Carrie Menkel-Meadow232
 Problem 6-3234
 Mediation - Its Forms and Functions / Lon L. Fuller234
 Problem 6-4236
 Problem 6-5236
5.Mediation's Place in the Justice System236
 Images of Justice / Lela P. Love237
 Problem 6-6238
 Problem 6-7238
 Mediation and Adjudication, Dispute Resolution and Ideology: An Imaginary Conversation / Robert A. Baruch Bush239
 Problem 6-8243
 Problem 6-9243
B.Examples of Mediations243
1.Sisters of the Precious Blood and Bristol-Myers244
 Sisters of the Precious Blood v. Bristol-Myers Co.: A Shareholder-Management Dispute / Frank J. Scardilli244
 Problem 6-10247
2.Glen Cove248
 Glen Cove: Mediation Achieves What Litigation Cannot / Lela P. Love248
 Problem 6-11250
3.Fly on the Wall251
 Fly on the Wall / R. C. Prather251
 Problem 6-12255
 Problem 6-13255
4.Medical Negligence Case255
 Mediation of Medical Negligence Claims / Eric Galton255
 Problem 6-14257
C.Approaches to Mediation257
1.Narrow or Broad Problem Definition, Evaluative or Facilitative257
 Mediator Orientations, Strategies and Techniques / Leonard L. Riskin257
 Problem 6-15260
 Problem 6-16260
2.Facilitative Mediation: Problem-Solving, Understanding-Based, or Transformative260
a.Problem-Solving Approach260
b.Understanding-Based Model260
 Challenging Conflict: Mediation Through Understanding / Jack Himmelstein261
c.Transformative Model261
 Promise of Mediation: The Transformative Approach to Conflict / Joseph P. Folger262
3.Evaluative and Directive Mediation263
a.Trashing and Bashing263
b.Norm-educating and Norm-advocating264
c.Community-enhancing and Community-enabling264
 Problem 6-17265
D.Trends: The Future of Mediation in the Legal Arena265
1.Challenges Ahead265
a.Demise of Party Participation and a Broad Problem-Definition in Court Contexts265
b.Mediator Conduct266
2.Promise of Mediation266
 Further Reading266
ch. 7 Mediation: Skills and Practices for the Mediator and the Attorney in Mediation269
1.Mediator Traits270
2.Mediator Tasks271
3.Qualifications for Mediators271
4.Mediator Strategies and Skills for Stages in the Mediation Process272
i.Who Should Participate in the Mediation?273
 Problem 7-1274
ii.What Procedural Issues Must Be Addressed?274
 Middle Voice / Lela P. Love274
iii.How Is the Stage Set?275
 Problem 7-2276
iv.How Does the Mediator Open the Session?276
 Problem 7-3278
b.Understanding the Conflict and Developing the Information Base278
 Loop of Understanding / Jack Himmelstein279
 Training Mediators to Listen: Deconstructing Dialogue and Constructing Understanding, Agendas, and Agreements / Lela P. Love281
 Problem 7-4285
c.Constructing a Discussion Agenda285
 Theory and Practice of Mediation: A Reply to Professor Susskind / Joseph B. Stulberg286
 Problem 7-5287
d.Generating Movement: Developing Options and Agreements287
 Targets and Techniques to Generate Movement / Joseph B. Stulberg288
 Problem 7-6290
 Mediation Process / Christopher W. Moore290
e.Using the Caucus292
i.Caucus Selectively292
ii.Never Caucus292
iii.Mostly Caucus293
f.Drafting Agreements and Closing the Session293
 Problem 7-7295
5.Other Mediator Approaches295
B.Attorney Representative296
1.Problem-Solving Perspective296
 Mediation and Lawyers / Leonard L. Riskin296
2.Strategies and Skills of the Attorney Representative298
a.Prescriptions for the Attorney298
 Effective Advocacy in Mediation: A Planning Guide to Prepare for a Civil Trial / Lawrence M. Watson, Jr.298
 Problem 7-8302
b.Customizing Representation302
 Lawyers' Representation of Clients in Mediation: Using Economics and Psychology to Structure Advocacy in a Nonadversarial Setting / Jean R. Sternlight302
c.Avoiding Mistakes as a Representative in Mediation306
 20 Common Errors in Mediation Advocacy / Tom Arnold306
 Apology in Mediation / Jeff Kichaven308
C.Impact of Differences and Diversity311
 Diversity Issues in Mediation: Controlling Negative Cultural Myths / Isabelle R. Gunning311
 Problem 7-9312
 Mediation Alternative: Process Dangers forWomen / Trina Grillo312
 Problem 7-10314
D.Self-Reflective Practitioner314
 Mediation as Parallel Seminars: Lessons from the Student Takeover of Columbia University's Hamilton Hall / Carol B. Liebman314
 Problem 7-11318
 Further Reading318
ch. 8 Mediation: Law, Policy, and Ethics321
A.Mediation and the Law321
1.Relationship Between Law and Mediation321
a.Law's Long Shadow321
 Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: The Case of Divorce / Lewis Kornhauser322
 Problem 8-1323
b.Informed Consent323
 Problem 8-2324
c.Sources of "Law" and Justice324
 Problem 8-3325
2.Litigation About Mediation325
a.Effect of a Duty to Mediate325
b.Enforceability of Mediated Agreements326
c.Special Requirements of Mediated Agreements327
3.Confidentiality in Mediation327
a.Sources of Confidentiality328
i.Common Law and Evidentiary Exclusions328
ii.Discovery Limitations329
iv.Statutory and Judicially Created Privileges330
 Folb v. Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans332
v.Ethical Norms337
b.Exceptions to Confidentiality337
i.Criminal or Quasi-Criminal Cases337
ii.Mediation Documents338
iii.Contract Defenses339
 Olam v. Congress Mortgage Co.340
iv.Settlement Agreements346
v.Mediator Misconduct347
vi.Other Issues Surrounding Exceptions to Confidentiality347
c.Uniform Mediation Act347
 Problem 8-4350
 Problem 8-5350
d.Sanctions for Breach of Confidentiality350
B.Four Policy Questions at the Intersection of Law, Justice, and Mediation351
1.Mandatory Mediation351
 Effects of Mandatory Mediation: Empirical Research on the Experience of Small Claims and Common Pleas Courts / Roselle L. Wissler352
 Mediation Alternative: Process Dangers forWomen / Trina Grillo352
 Problem 8-6354
2."Good Faith" Requirement354
 Foxgate Homeowners' Association v. Bramalea355
a.Tests for Good Faith358
b.Corporate Representatives and Good Faith359
c.Is Attendance by Telephone in Good Faith?359
d.Sanctions for Bad Faith360
 Problem 8-7361
3.Mediator Evaluation and Assessment362
 Propriety of Evaluative Mediation: Concerns About the Nature and Quality of an Evaluative Opinion / Murray S. Levin362
 Problem 8-8363
 Problem 8-9364
4.Mediator Responsibility for the Quality of the Parties' Agreement364
 Environmental Mediation and the Accountability Problem / Lawrence Susskind365
 Theory and Practice of Mediation: A Reply to Professor Susskind / Joseph B. Stulberg366
 Problem 8-10369
 Problem 8-11369
C.Ethics in Mediation369
 Ten Ways to Get Sued: A Guide for Mediators / Michael Moffitt370
1.Conflicts of Interest372
 Problem 8-12374
2.Mediator Liability and Immunity374
3.Unauthorized Practice of Law375
4.Attorney Representative and Mediator Malpractice376
 Problem 8-13377
 Further Reading379
ch. 9 Arbitration: Concepts and Models383
A.Introduction to Arbitration383
 Collective Bargaining and the Arbitrator / Lon L. Fuller385
B.Attractions and Limits of Arbitration386
 Problem 9-1387
C.Examples of Arbitration387
1.Commercial Arbitration387
 Replacing Folklore Arbitration with a Contract Model of Arbitration / Edward Brunet388
 Problem 9-2390
2.International Arbitration390
a.International Commercial Arbitration391
 Problem 9-3392
b.Public International Arbitration393
 Problem 9-4394
c.International Arbitrators394
 Dealing in Virtue: International Commercial Arbitration and the Construction of a Transnational Legal Order / Bryant G. Garth395
3.Labor Arbitration397
a.Purpose of Labor Arbitration397
b.Function of Labor Arbitrators397
c.Selection of Labor Arbitrators398
d.Logistics of Labor Arbitration399
e.Issues That Can be Addressed in Labor Arbitrations400
f.Access to Labor Arbitration Decisions400
g.Interest Arbitrations400
 Problem 9-5401
4.Sports Arbitration401
 Arbitration and the Games, or the First Experience of the Olympic Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport / Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler402
 Problem 9-6406
5.Online Arbitration406
 Problem 9-7407
6."Mandatory" Arbitration (Employment and Consumer)408
D.Examples of Arbitration Clauses408
1.Sample Arbitration Clause for General Commercial Transactions408
2.AT&T Arbitration Clause408
3.Sample Ad Hoc International Arbitration Clause409
 Further Reading410
ch. 10 Arbitration: Law and Policy413
A.Enforcement of Arbitration Clauses413
1.History of United States Arbitration Law414
a.Courts' Historical Reluctance to Enforce Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements414
 Public Justice: Toward a State Action Theory of Alternative Dispute Resolution / Richard C. Reuben414
 Tobey v. County of Bristol415
 Problem 10-1418
b.Birth of Modern Arbitration Law418
i.Commercial Entities Lobby for Change418
 New Federal Arbitration Law / Kenneth Dayton419
ii.Federal Arbitration Act420
 Problem 10-2421
iii.State Arbitration Laws421
iv.New Field of Labor Arbitration422
2.Supreme Court's Change of Heart Regarding Arbitration423
a.Supreme Court's Initial Reluctance to Enforce Agreements to Arbitrate Statutory Claims423
 New Federal Arbitration Law / Kenneth Dayton424
 Problem 10-3425
 Wilko v. Swan425
b.Supreme Court Embraces Arbitration Agreements427
 Gilmer v. Interstate / Johnson Lane Corp.429
 Problem 10-4436
 14 Venn Plaza v. Pyett437
 Problem 10-5438
 Problem 10-6439
 Problem 10-7440
3.Enforcement of Mandatory Arbitration Provisions440
a.Is Mandatory Contractual Imposition of Arbitration on Consumers, Employees, or other "Little Guys" Unconstitutional?441
b.Contractual and Statutory Arguments That Arbitration Agreements Are Not Enforceable441
 Problem 10-8444
c.As-Applied Federal Statutory Challenges444
 Green Tree Financial Corp. -Alabama v. Randolph445
 Problem 10-9448
 Problem 10-10448
d.Can States Deem Certain Disputes Non-Arbitrable?450
i.FAA Applies to Actions Brought in State Court450
ii.FAA Applies to the Broadest Possible Definition of Interstate Commerce450
iii.Extent of FAA Preemption451
 Problem 10-11452
B.What Powers Do Arbitrators Have?452
1.Arbitrators' Power to Determine Meaning and Validity of Contracts, Including the Arbitration Clause Itself453
a.Who Decides Whether a Contract That Contains an Arbitration Clause Is Valid?453
b.Who Decides the Validity and Applicability of an Arbitration Clause?454
c.Who Decides the Meaning of an Arbitration Clause?455
i.Allegedly Time-Barred Claims455
ii.Available Damages455
d.Permissibility of Arbitral Class Actions456
e.Can Interpretive Questions Be Delegated to the Arbitrator?456
 Problem 10-12458
 Problem 10-13458
2.Parties' Ability to Regulate Arbitrators' Powers458
3.Requiring the Presence of Parties and Production Documents459
4.Arbitrators' Award of Damages and Attorneys' Fees460
5.Injunctive Relief460
6.Provisional Relief461
C.Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards461
1.Confirming Arbitral Awards461
2.Vacating Arbitral Awards462
 Hall Street Associates v. Mattel465
 Problem 10-14467
 Problem 10-15467
 Problem 10-16468
3.Suing Arbitrators468
 Problem 10-17468
D.Policy Issues Regarding Mandatory Binding Arbitration469
1.Attacks on Mandatory Arbitration469
 Fixing the Mandatory Arbitration Problem: We Need the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009 / Jean R. Sternlight470
2.Defenses of Mandatory Arbitration473
 Case Against the Arbitration Fairness Act / Peter B. Rutledge474
 Problem 10-18476
 Problem 10-19477
 Problem 10-20478
3.Empirical Studies Regarding Mandatory Arbitration478
4.Responses to the Public Policy Debate over Mandatory Arbitration479
a.Due Process Protocols479
b.Federal Legislation480
 Further Reading481
ch. 11 Arbitration: Skills, Practices, and Ethics483
A.Skills of Arbitration433
1.Skills of Arbitrators 
a.Appointment as an Arbitrator484
b.Initial Meetings with the Parties485
c.Arbitrator's Role in Encouraging Settlement486
d.Ruling on Discovery and Other Pre-Trial Motions486
e.Setting Up486
f.Opening Statement487
g.Parties' Presentations488
h.Arbitrator's Evidentiary Rulings489
i.Parties' Closing Statements489
j.Award or Decision490
 Problem 11-1491
 Problem 11-2491
 Problem 11-3491
 Problem 11-4492
 Problem 11-5492
 Problem 11-6492
 Problem 11-7492
2.Skills of Arbitration Representatives493
a.Initial Pleadings493
b.Selection of the Arbitrator494
c.Preliminary Hearing495
f.Arbitration Hearings496
g.Post-Hearing Advocacy498
 Problem 11-8498
B.Key: Ethical Issues in Arbitration498
 Ethics Issues in Arbitration and Related Dispute Resolution Processes: What's Happening and What's Not / Carrie Menkel-Meadow499
1.Arbitrator Ethics501
a.Arbitral Bias and the Duty to Disclose501
 Commonwealth Coatings Corp. v. Continental Casualty Co.501
 Problem 11-9505
b.Party-Appointed Non-Neutral Arbitrators508
 Problem 11-10509
c.Enforcement of Ethical Codes509
 Problem 11-11510
 Problem 11-12511
 Problem 11-13511
2.Arbitral Provider Ethics511
 Problem 11-14514
3.Ethics for Attorney Representatives in Arbitration514
 Problem 11-15518
4.Non-attorney Representatives in Arbitration518
 Problem 11-16519
 Further Reading520
ch. 12 Private and Public Hybrid Processes523
A.Private Hybrids524
1.Variations on Arbitration524
a.Binding Offer Arbitration524
b.Non-binding Arbitration526
 Problem 12-1526
 Collective Bargaining and the Arbitrator / Lon L. Fuller528
 Problem 12-2529
4.Private Judges and Juries531
a.Private Judges531
b.Private Juries532
 Problem 12-3533
5.Dispute Resolution and Large Organizations: Ombuds533
 Ombudsman: What's in a Name? / Howard Gadlin534
 Problem 12-4537
6.Online Dispute Resolution Mechanisms538
 You've Got Agreement: Negoti@ting via Email / Andrea Kupfer Schneider538
 Problem 12-5545
B.Public Hybrids545
1.Mandatory Judicial Settlement Conferences546
 For and Against Settlement: Uses and Abuses of the Mandatory Settlement Conference / Carrie Menkel-Meadow547
 Problem 12-6549
2.Special Masters550
 Toward a Functional Approach for Managing Complex Litigation / Francis E. McGovern551
 Problem 12-7554
 Problem 12-8555
3.Disputes Involving Groups: Aggregate Claims and Class Actions555
 Glass Half Full, a Glass Half Empty: The Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Mass Personal Injury Litigation / Deborah R. Hensler556
 What Mediators Need to Know About Class Actions: A Basic Primer / Megan A. Blazina560
 Problem 12-9563
 Problem 12-10564
4.Summary Jury Trial564
 Summary Jury Trial and Other Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Some Cautionary Observations / Richard A. Posner565
 Problem 12-11567
5.Early Neutral Evaluation568
6.Court-Connected Mediation and Non-binding Arbitration569
7.Restorative Justice: ADR in Criminal Contexts571
 Personalizing Crime: Mediation Produces Restorative Justice for Victims and Offenders / Marty Price571
 Problem 12-12576
8.Problem-Solving Courts576
C.Concluding Thoughts on Hybrid Processes577
 Pursuing Settlement in an Adversary Culture: A Tale of Innovation Co-opted or "The Law of ADR" / Carrie Menkel-Meadow577
 Problem 12-13579
 Further Reading580
ch. 13 Multiparty Dispute Resolution581
A.Multiparty Dispute Processes: How Are They Different532
1.Negotiating with More Than Two Parties: Coalitions and Groups582
 Strategic Barriers to Dispute Resolution: A Comparison of Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations / Robert H. Mnookin582
 Mind and Heart of the Negotiator / Leigh L. Thompson583
 Mapping Backward: Negotiating in the Right Sequence? / James K. Sebenius593
 Problem 13-1596
 Deliberative Trouble? Why Groups Go to Extremes / Cass R. Sunstein596
 Problem 13-2599
2.Organizing and Legitimizing Group Negotiations: New Processes and Deliberative Democracy599
 Lawyer's Role(s) in Deliberative Democracy / Carrie Menkel-Meadow600
 Introduction: From Legal Disputes to Conflict Resolution and Human Problem Solving / Carrie Menkel-Meadow602
 Problem 13-3603
 Negotiating Regulations: A Cure for Malaise / Philip J. Harter603
 Problem 13-4606
3.Legal Issues in Use of Consensus-Building and Group Negotiations606
 Legal Issues in Consensus Building / Eric E. Van Loon607
B.Structures, Procedures, and Skills for Multiparty Processes608
 Alternative to Robert's Rules of Order for Groups, Organizations, and Ad Hoc Assemblies That Want to Operate by Consensus / Lawrence Susskind609
 Problem 13-5613
C.Dispute System Design: Planning and Structuring Repeated Dispute Resolution614
 Getting Disputes Resolved: Designing Systems to Cut the Costs of Conflict / Stephen B. Goldberg614
 Problem 13-6620
D.Transactional Dispute Resolution: Before the Dispute620
 Contract Formation in Imperfect Markets: Should We Use Mediators in Deals? / Scott R. Peppet621
 Problem 13-7626
 Further Reading626
ch. 14 Choosing an Appropriate Process: Your Clients and the Future of ADR633
A.Choosing Among Dispute Resolution Processes: Private Interests634
1.Comparing the Processes634
 Fitting the Forum to the Fuss: A User-Friendly Guide to Selecting an ADR Procedure / Stephen B. Goldberg634
 Problem 14-1640
2.Assessing The Impact of Processes on Clients640
 Building a Pedagogy of Problem-Solving: Learning to Choose Among ADR Processes / Andrea K. Schneider640
 Problem 14-2644
B.Evaluating and Assessing ADR Processes: Public Interests644
 Evaluation of Mediation and Early Neutral Evaluation Under the Civil Justice Reform Act / Mary E. Vaiana644
 Dispute Resolution / Carrie Menkel-Meadow651
 Institutionalization: What Do Empirical Studies Tell Us About Court Mediation / Roselle L. Wissler655
 Problem 14-3659
C.Future Uses of Dispute Resolution Processes: Peace and Justice Redux659
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 ADR Is Here: Preliminary Reflections on Where It Fits in a System of Justice / Jean Sternlight663
 Peace and Justice: Notes on the Evolution and Purposes of Legal Processes / Carrie Menkel-Meadow665
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 Further Reading668
 Table of Online Resources671
 Table of Principal Cases671
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