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Call # KF385.A4 J67 2011
Author Jordan, Emma Coleman
Title Economic justice : race, gender, identity and economics / by Emma Coleman Jordan, Angela P. Harris
Imprint New York, N.Y. : Foundation Press ; [St. Paul, Minn.] : Thomson Reuters, 2011
Edition 2nd ed
Book Cover
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 SPEC COLL  Faculty Publication    SCRR USE ONLY


Descript. xxxiii, 1236 p. ; 27 cm
Series University casebook series
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Law -- Economic aspects -- United States
Economics -- Moral and ethical aspects -- United States -- Cases
Law and economics -- Cases
Distributive justice
Alt Author Harris, Angela P., 1961-
OCLC # 693811257
Table of Contents
 Introduction To The Second Editionv
 Acknowledgements For The Second Editionxi
 Acknowledgements For The First Editionxiii
 Table Of Casesxxxi
ch. 1 Race, Markets, and Neutrality in Two Disciplines1
 Introduction and Overview1
A.Critical Race Theory: Narrative, Neutrality, and the Marketplace2
 Death of the Profane2
 Notes and Questions7
B.Law and Economics Challenge to the Neutrality of the Critical Race Narrative Methodology17
 Nuance, Narrative, and Empathy in Critical Race Theory17
 Notes and Questions23
C.Narrative of Post-Modern Racism: The "Microagressions"23
 Popular Legal Culture: Law as Microaggression23
 Notes and Questions28
D.Economics and Law: Two Cultures in Tension33
 Economics and Law: Two Cultures in Tension33
 Notes and Questions43
E.Judging Race: The Doctrine of Discriminatory Intent43
 Washington v. Davis44
 Empirical Evidence49
 Notes and Questions52
F.Neutrality Challenges From Other Social Science Methodologies53
1.Cognitive Psychology---Scientific Evidence of Cognitive Bias?53
 Civil Rights Perestroika: Intergroup Relations After Affirmative Action54
2.Sociology and Law: Stigma Theory68
 Understanding the Mark: Race, Stigma, and Equality in Context68
ch. 2 Subprime Crisis of 2008: A Case Study in Market Failure and Economic Injustice73
A.Conflicting Narratives of the Financial Crisis73
B.Subprime Mortgage Crisis: A Back Story74
C.Subprime Borrowers Story78
1.History of Housing Finance Discrimination78
a.Origins of Redlining---FHA Sec. 203 Guidelines78
 Creation of Homeownership: How New Deal Changes in Banking Regulation Simultaneously Made Homeownership Accessible to Whites and Out of Reach for Blacks78
b.Housing Asset Disparity: The Wealth Gap85
1.Wealth Gap85
 Racial Wealth Gap Increases Fourfold85
c.Home Equity90
 Notes and Questions91
d.Subprime America95
 Subprime Mortgages: America's Latest Boom and Bust95
1.Subprime Mortgages96
2.Mass Foreclosures During the Subprime Crisis102
a.Story of Middle Class Foreclosures in Williamsbridge, The Bronx103
 Notes and Questions104
b.Mortgage Delinquency Rates106
c.Disorganization at Banks Causing Mistaken Foreclosure107
 Notes and Questions111
d.Counter Claims Against Foreclosure?116
 Associates Home Equity Services Inc. v. Troup116
D.Bankers' Story123
E.Going Forward: Remedies and Rage124
1.Democracy and Contracts: Listening to the Outrage124
2.Squatters and Strategic Defaulters124
b.Strategic Default125
3.Judges and Sheriffs Nullify Flawed Foreclosures126
4.Alternatives to Subprime Lending126
 Notes and Questions126
ch. 3 States, Markets, and the Problem of Governance128
A.Law and Political Economy129
1.Structural Liberalism and Its Critiques131
 Family and the Market: A Study of Ideology and Legal Reform131
 Contract Law, the Free Market, and State Intervention: A Jurisprudential Perspective137
 Notes and Questions140
2.Structural Liberalism and Constitutional Law142
 DeShaney v. Winnebago County Dep't of Soc. Servs142
 State Action Is Always Present145
 Notes and Questions148
3.Structural Liberalism in "Private" Law154
 Un-Making Law: The Classical Revival in the Common Law154
 Notes and Questions167
B.Restructuring Structural Liberalism169
 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights169
 Rights in Twentieth-Century Constitutions171
 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa173
 Justiciable Social Rights as a Critique of the Liberal Paradigm178
 Economic Bill of Rights189
 New Deal Constitution in Exile190
B.Restructuring Structural Liberalism---Continued Forty Acres and a Mule: A Republican Theory of Minimal Entitlements195
 Notes and Questions197
ch. 4 Classic Market Theory and Law and Economics201
A.Classic Market Theory201
 Adam Smith's View of Man202
 Advantages of a Free-Enterprise Price System204
 Notes and Questions206
 Created Equal211
 Notes and Questions222
C.Law and Economics226
 Uses of History in Law and Economics226
 Economic Approach to Law231
 Notes and Questions247
1.Law and Economics in Judicial Reasoning250
a.Early Precursor250
 United States v. Carroll Towing Co.251
b.Modern Cases254
 Chicago Board of Realtors, Inc. v. City of Chicago255
 Indiana Harbor Belt R.R. Co. v. American Cyanamid Co.257
 90-Day Hazmat Ban Is Passed; Measure Will Bar Shipments in D.C.262
 Notes and Questions264
2.Problem of Incompatible Property Uses: The Roles for Private Bargaining and Judicial Injunctions266
 Boomer v. Atlantic Cement Co.267
 Fontainebleau Hotel Corp. v. Forty-Five Twenty-Five, Inc.270
 Notes and Questions273
3.Problem of Redistribution274
 Efficiency and Equity275
 Efficiency and Equity Reconsidered277
 Public Choice and the Future of Public-Choice-Influenced Legal Scholarship283
ch. 5 Beyond Classic Market Theory-Internal Critiques291
A.Crisis in Economic Theory292
 Financial Crisis Blame Game292
 Note: Turmoil in the Discipline of Economics297
B.Beyond Perfect Markets298
 Is Macroeconomics Off Track?298
 If It Were a Fight, They Would Have Stopped It in December of 2008300
 Consumer Sovereignty: A Unified Theory of Antitrust and Consumer Protection Law304
 Notes and Questions305
 Keynesian Economics and Critique of First Fundamental Theorem of Welfare Economics306
 Failure of Market Failure310
 Notes and Questions316
 Freedom in the Commons: Towards a Political Economy of Information317
 Notes and Questions326
 Unpaid Care Work/Paid Care Connection329
 Notes and Questions333
C.Beyond the "Rational Actor"334
 Social Norms and Social Roles334
 Behavioral Approach to Law and Economics339
 Notes and Questions347
 Libertarian Paternalism Is Not an Oxymoron349
 Notes and Questions356
 Political Psychology of Redistribution357
D.Beyond Traditional Measures of Economic Well-Being360
 Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress360
 Notes and Questions366
ch. 6 Beyond Classic Market Theory: External Critiques374
A.Case Against (Law and) Economics375
 Whatever Happened to Law and Economics?375
 Notes and Questions383
B.Normative Critiques of Economic Analysis386
1.Economic Analysis and Moral Analysis: An Introduction to the Tensions387
 Economics and Law: Two Cultures in Tension387
 Notes and Questions392
2.Economic Analysis and the Critique from Subordination393
 Why Markets Don't Stop Discrimination393
 Notes and Questions405
3.Economic Analysis and the Critique from Commodification408
 Justice and the Market Domain408
 Commodification and Women's Household Labor417
 Notes and Questions423
4.Economic Analysis and the Critique from Democracy425
 Pricing the Priceless425
 Democratic Estates437
 Notes and Questions440
 Condition of Postmodernity: An Enquiry Into the Origins of Cultural Change445
 Future for Socialism449
 Notes and Questions453
C.Toward Economic Justice?454
 Reclaiming Corporate Law in a New Gilded Age454
 Roadmap to a New Economics: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism465
 Notes and Questions473
ch. 7 Wealth and Inequality474
A.Defining "Class"475
 Class-Based Affirmative Action: Lessons and Caveats475
 Notes and Questions487
B.Constitution: Wealth and Class489
 San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez489
 Notes and Questions497
C.Class and Inequality---Historical Perspectives497
1.Income Inequality, Is it the Right Measure?497
 Black Wealth/White Wealth: New Perspectives on Racial Inequality497
 Race, Gender & Work: A Multicultural Economic History of Women in the United States501
2.Wealth, Class and Economic Mobility---The Intergenerational Effects504
 Sticky Ladder504
 Economic Scene; The Apple Falls Close to the Tree, Even in the Land of Opportunity506
 Sons Also Rise508
 Notes and Questions510
 For Richer513
 Notes and Questions514
3.Wealth Inequality517
 Race, Gender and Wealth517
 Lifting as We Climb: Women of Color, Wealth, and America's Future517
 Notes and Questions520
 Wealth and Inequality in America521
 Notes and Questions530
 Hidden Cost of Being African American531
 Price of Segregation---Unconventional Wisdom: New Facts From the Social Sciences532
 Failures of Integration, How Race and Class are Undermining the American Dream533
 Notes and Questions534
 Your Stake in America540
 Notes and Questions541
D.Great Recession of 2008-2009 and Economic Inequality542
 Consumer Debt Crisis and the Reinforcement of Class Position542
 Testimony of Sheila Crowley, MSW, Ph.D., President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Financial Services Committee, United States House of Representatives549
 Notes and Questions551
 Borrowing While Black: Applying Fair Lending Laws to Risk-Based Mortgage Pricing552
 How a Low Wage Economy With Weak Labor Laws Brought Us the Mortgage Credit Crisis556
 Getting Ahead or Losing Ground: Economic Mobility in America557
 Notes and Questions561
ch. 8 Life in a Class Society564
A.Down and Out564
 Foreclosure Forces Ex-Homeowners to Turn to Shelters564
 Notes and Questions567
 Just Trying to Survive567
 Homelessness and the Issue of Freedom575
 Notes and Questions576
B.Relations of (Re)production580
 Working Poor: Invisible in America580
 Down and Out in Discount America586
 Notes and Questions592
 Nanny Diaries and Other Stories: Imagining Immigrant Women's Labor in the Social Reproduction of American Families594
 Hidden Injuries of Class606
 Notes and Questions610
 Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure613
 Law and Economics of Critical Race Theory622
 Notes and Questions635
C.Class and Consumption637
 Overspent American: Why We Want What We Don't Need637
 No Scrubs640
 Dress As Success641
 Notes and Questions647
 Uneasy Ryder! Jury Finds Winona Guilty in Shoplift Case649
 Notes and Questions651
ch. 9 Defining Family654
A.Nuclear Family vs. Extended Family655
 Moore v. City of East Cleveland, Ohio655
 Notes and Questions669
B.Unmarried Heterosexual Couples671
 Marvin v. Marvin671
 Notes and Questions681
C.Same-Sex Couples683
 Whorton v. Dillingham683
 Domestic Partner Ordinance Quashed: Atlanta to Appeal in Second Defeat690
 Notes and Questions691
D.Sex Between Consenting Adults692
 Lawrence v. Texas692
 Notes and Questions707
E.Family Based on Same Sex Marriage709
 Goodridge v. Department of Public Health709
 Notes and Questions716
ch. 10 Culture and Identity720
A.Culture and Identity721
 Economics and Identity721
 Whiteness as Property738
 Notes and Questions761
B.Racial Discrimination: Two Competing Theories and Empirical Evidence of Disparate Racial Impact764
1.Rational Choice Theory of Racial Discrimination in the Marketplace764
 Forces Determining Discrimination in the Market Place764
2.Sociological Theory of Racial Discrimination in the Market-place768
 Cooperation and Conflict: The Economics of Group Status Production and Race Discrimination768
 Notes and Questions799
3.Empirical Study of Racial Discrimination800
 Fair Driving: Gender and Race Discrimination in Retail Car Negotiations800
ch. 11 Market Value of Culture823
 Voices of America: Accent, Antidiscrimination Law, and a Jurisprudence for the Last Reconstruction824
 Notes and Questions845
B.English-Only Rules846
 Garcia v. Spun Steak Co.846
 Yniguez v. Arizonans For Official English853
 Notes and Questions858
C.Cultural Property859
 Protecting Folklore of Indigenous Peoples: Is Intellectual Property the Answer?859
 Notes and Questions871
D.Business-Like Image871
 Rogers v. American Airlines, Inc.871
 Hair Piece: Perspective on the Intersection of Race and Gender874
 Notes and Questions881
E.Market Value of Popular Images883
 Madonna: Plantation Mistress or Soul Sister?883
 Notes and Questions884
F.Market Value of Sexual Differences886
 Sexual Continuum: Transsexual Prisoners886
 Refusal to Hire, or Dismissal From Employment, on Account of Plaintiff's Sexual Lifestyle or Sexual Preference As Violation of Federal Constitution or Federal Civil Rights Statutes893
 Notes and Questions895
G.Market for Counterculture896
 Black But Not Beautiful: Negative Black Stereotypes Abound in Rap Lyrics, on Music Videos, in Movies and on Cable---and Blacks Are Among Those Doing the Stereotyping896
 Status Censorship Report900
 Note on Conflicting Values Within African American Communities900
 Parks v. LaFace Records901
 Delores Tucker, Gangsta Busta: She's Playing Defense in Her Offensive Against Rap907
 Note on Artistic Reparations910
 Session With Little Richard911
 Malcolm X and the Hip Hop Culture912
 Taming of Malcolm X914
 Marketing of Malcolm X; Is Spike Lee's Film Just Capitalizing on an Image?918
 Notes and Questions919
 End of White America?923
ch. 12 Cash and Carry933
A.Underground Economy933
 Cashing in on Domestic Help934
 Notes and Questions936
 Diamonds as a Business Enterprise940
 Notes and Questions948
 Carole, Interview with Barbara, in Sex Work: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry950
 Phyllis Luman Metal, One for Ripley's, in Sex Works: Writings by Women in the Sex Industry956
 Notes and Questions958
ch. 13 Economic Borders to Community960
A.Basics: Citizenship961
 Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism961
 Notes and Questions971
B.Basics: Congressional Power to Exclude, Detain, or Deport, Plenary Power?972
 Fiallo v. Bell972
 Zadvydas v. Davis976
C.National Borders: Economics and Immigration Policy Debates981
 Border Crossings in An Age of Border Patrols: Cruzando Fronteras Metaforicas981
 Undocumented Mexican Migration: In Search of a Just Immigration Law and Policy986
 Notes and Questions993
 Notes and Questions995
D.Class Borders1000
 Brown v. Artery Organization1000
 Artery's Agreements1007
 Some Tenants Left Out of Lee Gardens Victory1009
 Notes and Questions1011
 From the Punitive City to the Gated Community: Security and Segregation Across the Social and Penal Landscape1013
 Notes and Questions1027
ch. 14 Corrective Struggles1029
A.Affirmative Action1031
 Ricci v. DeStefano1031
 Metro Broadcasting, Inc. v. F.C.C.1035
 Trojan Horses of Race1047
 Grutter v. Bollinger1054
 Admissions Rituals as Political Acts: Guardians at the Gates of Our Democratic Ideals1075
 Notes and Questions1091
B.Wealth of Communities1105
 Banking, Finance, and Community Economic Empowerment: Structural Economic Theory, Procedural Civil Rights, and Substantive Racial Justice1105
 Hidden Cost of Being African American1130
 Notes and Questions1135
C.Rethinking the Family as an Economic Institution1138
 In Re Marriage of Sullivan1138
 Notes and Questions1143
 Atonement and Forgiveness: A New Model for Black Reparations1149
E.Redress in the Global Political Economy1156
 What Role for Humanitarian Intellectual Property? The Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights1156
 Civil Resistance and the "Diversity of Tactics" in the Anti-Globalization Movement: Problems of Violence, Silence, and Solidarity in Activist Politics1167
 Notes and Questions1176
 Copyright Permissions & Further Acknowledgements1185