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Call # KF4288 .R48 2011
Author Rhodes, Anne-Marie
Title Art law & transactions / Anne-Marie Rhodes
Imprint Durham, NC : Carolina Academic Press, C2011
Book Cover
 WMS STACKS  KF4288 .R48 2011    AVAILABLE


Descript. xvi, 455 p. : col. ill., forms ; 27 cm. + 1 CD ROM
Note Includes indexes
Subject Law and art -- United States
Artists -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States
OCLC # 707825591
Table of Contents
ch. 1 Acquisition by Purchase from Artist3
A.Private Commissioned Works3
1.Glimpse from History3
 Sistine Chapel Contract3
2.Private Commissions---Cases4
 Wolff v. Smith4
 Brockhurst v. Ryan7
 Notes and Questions10
3.Private Commission Agreements11
 Notes and Questions14
B.Public Commissions16
 Drafting Exercise: Commission Agreement19
ch. 2 Acquisition by Purchase Involving Dealer or Gallery21
A.Proving the Contract21
 Hofffmann v. Boone21
 Marvin Inc. v. Albstein24
 Notes and Questions27
 Faggionato v. Lerner31
 Note and Questions36
B.Good Faith Buyer37
 Lindholm v. Brant37
 Notes and Questions44
 Drafting Exercise: Purchase through a Dealer51
ch. 3 Acquisition at Auction53
A.Auction Process53
 Sotheby's Conditions of Sale54
 Notes and Questions57
B.Seller's Bidding at Auction62
 Bexwell v. Christie62
 Veazie v. Williams63
 Notes and Questions65
C.Evolving Duties of Auction House68
 Cristallina v. Christie, Manson & Woods International Inc.68
 Notes and Questions74
ch. 4 Authenticity77
 State of New York v. Wright Hepburn Webster Gallery, Ltd.78
 Notes and Questions80
B.Opinion or Warranty?83
1.Early Cases83
 Jendwine v. Slade83
 Power v. Barham84
2.More Recent Cases86
 Weisz v. Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc86
 Weisz v. Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc89
 Notes and Questions89
C.Cases Involving Warranty Statutes91
 Dawson v. G. Malina Inc.91
 Balog v. Center Art Gallery --- Hawaii, Inc.94
 Notes and Questions98
 Sotheby's Terms of Guarantee99
 Kohler v. Leslie Hindman, Inc.100
 Christie's Inc. v. SWCA, Inc.105
 Notes and Questions108
E.Liability of Authenticators109
 Hahn v. Duveen109
 Notes and Questions111
 Simon-Whelan v. Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.114
 Notes and Questions120
ch. 5 Questions of Title: Stolen, Looted, and Encumbered Art125
A.Stolen and Looted Art125
1.War Looted Art126
 Menzel v. List128
 Notes and Questions135
2.Classic Theft136
 O'Keeffe v. Snyder137
 Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation v. Lubell142
 DeWeerth v. Baldinger146
 Notes and Questions150
3.Antiquities Looting153
 Autocephalous Greek-Orthodox Church of Cyprus v. Goldberg and Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.154
 Notes and Questions163
4.War Looted Art --- Again166
 Republic of Austria v. Altmann166
 Orkin v. Taylor174
 Notes and Questions178
5.Law In Process179
 Anne-Marie Rhodes, On Art Theft, Tax, and Time: Triangulating Ownership Disputes Through the Tax Code185
B.Liens, Claims, and Encumbrances189
 Whitcraft v. Brown189
 Notes and Questions191
ch. 6 Crossing Borders197
A.Customs Process197
1.Classification as Art197
 Brancusi v. United States197
 Notes and Questions199
 U.S. Customs Service, Department of the Treasury, Re: Internal Advice; Sotheby's Inc.'s; Diego Giacometti; Criteria for Sculptures203
2.Regulatory Documentation and Forfeiture205
 United States v. One Tintoretto Painting206
 United States v. An Antique Platter of Gold210
 Notes and Questions214
B.Import and Export Restrictions216
 Government of Peru v. Johnson218
 United States v. Schultz222
 Notes and Questions229
 Memorandum of Understanding Between U.S. and China231
 Drafting Exercise: Customs235
ch. 7 Moral Rights237
A.Background of Moral Rights237
1.Origins of Droit Moral237
 Whistler versus Eden238
2.Droit Moral and the Berne Convention240
B.U.S. Moral Rights: Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 (VARA)243
 Public Law 101-650 Title VI --- Visual Artists Rights243
 Notes and Questions245
C.Case Law249
 Carter v. Helmsley-Spear, Inc.249
 Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation v. Buchel256
 Kelley v. Chicago Park District264
 Notes and Questions270
ch. 8 Art Loans273
A.Old Loans273
 In re Escot Church273
 In re Estate of McCagg275
 Notes and Questions279
B.New Loans282
 In the Matter of the Grand Jury Subpoena Duces Tecum Served on the Museum of Modern Art283
 Notes and Questions286
 Malewicz v. City of Amsterdam289
 Malewicz v. City of Amsterdam293
 Notes and Questions296
C.Art Loans in Practice297
 Drafting Exercise: Art Loan Agreement307
ch. 9 Sales and Exchanges311
A.Disposition through a Dealer311
1.Problem of a Dealer's Creditors311
 In the Matter of Haley & Steele, Inc.312
 Notes and Questions315
2.Insurance Coverage for Errant Dealer's Actions320
 Frigon v. Pacific Indemnity Company320
 Notes and Questions323
B.Disposition at Auction324
 Cristallina v. Christie, Manson & Woods International, Inc.325
C.Consignment Agreements325
1.Like Kind Exchange335
2.Dation en Paiement338
 Drafting Exercise: Art Consignment339
ch. 10 Gratuitous Transfers341
A.Gifts and Bequests to Individuals341
1.Lifetime Gifts341
 Estate of Genecin v. Genecin342
 Edinburg v. Edinburg347
 Notes and Questions351
2.Testamentary Bequests355
 Clark v. Greenhalge355
 Notes and Questions357
B.Gifts and Bequests to Museums and Other Charitable Organizations360
C.Administering an Estate that Includes Works of Art367
 In re Estate of Rothko, Deceased367
 Notes and Questions372
D.Donor Intent and Changing Circumstances376
 Barnes Foundation, a Corporation377
 Notes and Questions385
 Drafting Exercise: Art Bequest392
ch. 11 Valuation393
A.Fair Market Value393
1.General Framework393
 Biagiotti v. Commissioner394
 Ferrari v. Commissioner399
 Notes and Questions401
 Doherty v. Commissioner404
 Doherty v. Commissioner407
 Notes and Questions408
2.Discounts from Fair Market Value409
 Estate of Smith v. Commissioner409
 Estate of O'Keeffe v. Commissioner411
 Notes and Questions413
 Scull v. Commissioner416
 Notes and Questions417
B.Qualified Appraisal by a Qualified Appraiser418
1.Valuation Abuses --- Case Law Background418
 Weil v. Commissioner418
 Vander Hook v. Commissioner419
 Rose v. Commissioner422
 Notes and Questions429
2.Statutory and Regulatory Framework431
3.Enforcement and Penalty Provisions433
4.Art Advisory Panel434
 Bernardo v. Commissioner435
 Proctor & Gamble Co. v. United States438
 Table of Cases441
 Index of Artists447
 Index of Authors449
 Subject Index451