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Call # HV6432 .T444 2012
Author Hoffman, Bruce, 1954-
Title Terrorism and counterterrorism : understanding the new security environment : readings & interpretations / [edited by] Russell D. Howard, Bruce Hoffman ; Stacy Neal, consulting editor ; foreword by Barry R. McCaffrey
Imprint Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2012
Edition 4th ed
Book Cover
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Descript. xxii, 793 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Terrorism
Terrorism -- United States -- Prevention
Terrorism -- Prevention -- Government policy -- United States
National security -- United States
Alt Author Howard, Russell D. (Russell D'Vere), 1946-
Neal, Stacy
OCLC # 760312397
Table of Contents
 Foreword / Barry R. McCaffreyxi
 Preface / Russell D. Howardxiv
Unit I Defining the Threat1
ch. 1 Defining Terrorism: Means, Ends, and Motives2
1.1."Defining Terrorism," Inside Terrorism (1998) / Bruce Hoffman4
1.2."Terrorism: Theirs & Ours," Terrorism: Theirs & Ours (2001) / Eqbal Ahmad34
1.3."The Logic of Terrorism: Terrorist Behavior as a Product of Strategic Choice," Origins of Terrorism: Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States of Mind (1998) / Walter Reich42
ch. 2 Understanding the Facilitators of Modern Terrorism55
2.1."Behind the Curve: Globalization and International Terrorism," International Terrorism (Winter 2002/03) / Audrey Kurth Cronin57
2.2."Do Terrorist Networks Need a Home?" Washington Quarterly (Summer 2002) / Nikolas K. Gvosdev79
2.3."Weak States and Global Threats: Fact or Fiction?," Washington Quarterly (Spring 2006) / Stewart Patrick88
2.4."Terrorism as a Product of Choices and Perceptions," Terrorizing Ourselves: Why U.S. Counterterrorism Policy is Failing and How to Fix It (2010) / James J.F. Forest110
ch. 3 New Terrorism140
3.1."The New Terrorism," Original Work (updated 2011) / Margaret J. Nencheck142
3.2."The Debate over Ǹew' vs. Òld' Terrorism," Values and Violence: Intangible Aspects of Terrorism (2009) / Martha Crenshaw165
3.3."Networks, Netwar, and Information-Age Terrorism," Countering the New Terrorism (1999) / Michele Zanini183
3.4."Al Qaeda's Trajectory During and After Bin Laden," Washington Quarterly (2007; updated 2011) / Rohan Gunaratna206
ch. 4 Religion and the Intersection with Terrorism238
4.1."Terrorism in the Name of Religion," Journal of International Affairs (Summer 1996) / Magnus Ranstorp240
4.2."A Genealogy of Radical Islam," Studies in Conflict & Terrorism (2005) / Quintan Wiktorowicz256
4.3."The Clash within Islam," Survival (Spring 2005) / Emmanuel Sivan279
ch. 5 Evolving Methods and Modes of Attack294
5.1."Assessing the Post-9/11 Threat of CBRN Terrorism," Original Work (2007) / Natasha E. Bajema297
5.2."The Logic of Suicide Terrorism," The Atlantic Monthly (June 2003) / Bruce Hoffman319
5.3."Terrorism in the Genomic Age," Original Work (revised 2003) / John Ellis330
5.4."Al Qaeda's Post-9/11 Evolution: An Assessment," Original Work (2011) / Assaf Moghadam337
5.5." How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet," Special Report No. 116 (March 2004) / Gabriel Weimann347
5.6."Going Viral: Al-Qaeda's Use of Online Social Media," The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs (2007; revised 2011) / Jarret M. Brachman361
5.7."The Nexus of Extremism and Trafficking: Scourge of the World or So Much Hype," Original Work (2011) / Colleen M. Traughber372
5.8."Foreign Fighters: Trends, Trajectories & Conflict Zones," George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute (2010) / Magnus Ranstorp392
Unit II Countering the Terrorist Threat424
ch. 6 Challenges of Terrorism to a Free Society425
6.1."The Soft Underbelly of American Primacy: Tactical Advantages of Terror," Political Science Quarterly (vol. 117, no. 1, 2002) / Richard K. Betts427
6.2."A Nasty Business," The Atlantic Monthly (January 2002) / Bruce Hoffman443
6.3."The Limits of Military Power: Why the West Cannot Deal with Insurgencies," Washington Quarterly (Winter 2001) / Rob de Wijk449
6.4."Showstoppers: Nine Reasons Why We Never Sent Our Special Operations Forces after al Qaeda before 9/11Weekly Standard (January 26, 2004) / Richard H. Shultz Jr.467
ch. 7 Strategies for Combating Terrorism481
7.1."Terrorism, Strategies, and Grand Strategies," Attacking Terrorism: Elements of a Grand Strategy (Georgetown University Press (February 2004) / Martha Crenshaw483
7.2."US Counter-terrorism Options: A Taxonomy," Survival (Autumn 2007) / Daniel Byman499
7.3."Beyond Al Qaeda: Countering a Decentralized Terrorist Threat," Washington Quarterly (Summer 2004) / Paul R. Pillar522
7.4."No Path to Glory: Deterring Homegrown Terrorism," RAND--CT348 (May 2010) / Brian Michael Jenkins532
7.5."Al Qaeda's Operating Environments: A New Approach to the War on Terror," American Enterprise Institute (March 2011) / Chris Harnisch538
7.6."U.S. Counterterrorism Policy and Strategy: The Early Obama Administration," Original Work (2011) / Christopher C. Harmon570
7.7."Al Qaeda Has a New Strategy. Obama Needs One, Too," Washington Post (January 10, 2010) / Bruce Hoffman589
ch. 8 Eclectic Approaches to Countering Terrorism593
8.1."The Jihad Against The Jihadis: How Moderate Muslim Leaders Waged War on Extremists---and Won," Newsweek (February 22, 2010) / Fareed Zakaria595
8.2."Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative Policy Paper: The Year of the Drone," New America Foundation (February 2010) / Katherine Tiedemann600
8.3."Assessing the Success of Leadership Targeting," CTC Sentinel (November 2010) / Austin Long607
8.4."Preemptive Military Doctrine: No Other Choice," Original Work (updated 2011) / Russell D. Howard612
8.5."Public Diplomacy, New Media, and Counterterrorism," Figueroa Press (2011) / Philip Seib624
8.6."Terrorism: Denying Al Qaeda Its Popular Support," Washington Quarterly (Winter 2004-2005) / Jeff Martini639
ch. 9 Winning the War on Terrorism650
9.1."The Uncontested Battles: The Role of Actions, Networks, and Ideas in the Fight Against al Qaeda," Original Work (2007) / Jodi M. Vittori652
9.2."Rhetoric and Reality: Countering Terrorism in the Age of Obama," Center for New American Security (2010) / Marc Lynch674
9.3."Can the War on Terror be Won? How to Fight the Right War" Foreign Affairs (November/December 2006) / Philip H. Gordon708
9.4."Winning the Campaign against Terrorists: Eight Considerations," Original Work (2011) / Brita Sands717
ch. 10 Counterterrorism in a Post-bin Laden World738
10.1."Remarks by the President on Osama bin Laden," White House Address (May 2011) / Barack Obama741
10.2."Bin Ladin's Killing and Its Effect on Al-Qa'ida: What Comes Next?" CTC Sentinel (May 2011) / Bruce Hoffman744
10.3."Special Operations Forces and the Raid against Bin Ladin: Policymaker Considerations in Combating Terrorism," CTC Sentinel (May 2011) / Frances Fragos Townsend747
10.4."Mission Accomplished: Al Qaeda is No Longer Based There and the Taliban Must be Beaten by Afghans Themselves," Wall Street Journal (May 2011) / Leslie Gelb754
10.5."Don't Get Cocky, America: Al Qaeda is Still Deadly without Osama bin Laden," Foreign Policy (May 2011) / Daveed Gartenstein-Ross756
10.6."U.S.-Pakistani Relations After Bin Laden," Stratfor Global Intelligence (May 2011) / George Friedman760
10.7."After Osama bin Laden: What the Death of the Movement's Figurehead Means for al-Qaeda, Pakistan, Afghanistan---and the West," The Economist (May 2011)765
10.8."How Bin Ladin's Death Will Affect Al-Qa'ida's Regional Franchises," CTC Sentinel (May 2011) / Camille Tawil774