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Call # KF4310 .B76 2012
Author Bronin, Sara C
Title Historic preservation law / by Sara C. Bronin, J. Peter Byrne
Imprint New York, NY : Foundation Press Thomson/West, 2012
Book Cover
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Descript. xxvii, 669 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
Series University casebook series
University casebook series
Note Includes index
Subject Historic preservation -- Law and legislation -- United States
Alt Author Byrne, J. Peter
OCLC # 785081681
Table of Contents
 Table of Casesxxiii
ch. One Historic Preservation Law in Context1
A.Brief History of the Preservation Movement1
 Norman Tyler, Ted J. Ligibel & Ilene R. Tyler, Historic Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice1
 Notes & Questions6
B.Fundamental Questions: What, Why, How, and Who?8
1.What Do We Preserve?8
 United States v. Gettysburg Electric Railway Company10
 Notes & Questions14
 Preservation of Natural Objects16
2.Why Do We Preserve?17
 Findings and Declarations of the National Historic Preservation Act17
a.Community-Building Rationale18
 Carol M. Rose, Preservation and Community: New Directions in the Law of Historic Preservation18
b.Preserving the Prototype22
 James Marston Fitch, Historic Preservation: Curatorial Management of the Built World22
c.Economic Development Rationale23
 David Listokin, Barbara Listokin, & Michael Lahr, The Contributions of Historic Preservation to Housing and Economic Development23
d.Green Dimension28
 Patrice Frey, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Building Reuse: Finding a Place on American Climate Policy Agendas28
 Notes & Questions32
3.How Do We Preserve?35
a.Physical "How"35
 Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties36
 Notes & Questions39
 Airbrushing History40
b.Legal "How"41
 Maher v. City of New Orleans43
 Notes & Questions47
4.Who Are the Key Players?50
a.Property Owners50
b.Public Entities and Officials51
c.Nonprofit Organizations54
ch. Two Designation57
A.Federal Designation57
1.Statutory Framework for the National Register57
2.National Register Criteria58
3.Exceptions and Special Cases62
4.Federal Designation Procedures64
a.Agency Nominations64
b.SHPO Nominations65
c.Role of the Keeper66
d.Political Concerns67
 Agency Determination of Eligibility for the National Register67
 Rights of Private Property Owners in the Federal Designation Process68
 Notes & Questions69
 De-Listing Properties71
B.State and Local Designation73
1.State and Local Criteria73
 A-S-P Associates v. City of Raleigh73
 Notes & Questions78
 Metropolitan Dade County v. P.J. Birds, Inc.79
 Notes & Questions88
 Flexibility and Vagueness in Designation Criteria89
2.State and Local Designation Procedures91
 Citizens Emergency Committee to Preserve Preservation v. Tierney91
 Citizens Emergency Committee to Preserve Preservation v. Tierney96
 Notes & Questions97
 Embassy Real Estate Holdings, LLC v. District of Columbia Mayor's Agent for Historic Preservation97
 Notes & Questions105
ch. Three National Historic Preservation Act106
A.Introduction to Section 106106
 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation108
 Notes & Questions110
B.Undertakings: When Does Section 106 Apply?111
 National Mining Association v. Fowler112
 Notes & Questions116
 National Trust for Historic Preservation v. Blanck118
 Notes & Questions128
 Federal Licensing of Undertakings130
 Federal Funding of Undertakings132
 Business and Residents Alliance of East Harlem v. Jackson134
 Notes & Questions142
 When Must Section 106 Review Occur?143
C.Section 106 Process144
2.Historic Properties Affected147
3.Adverse Effects150
 Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay v. Federal Transit Administration151
 Notes & Questions161
4.Resolving Adverse Effects163
5.Programmatic Agreements165
6.Alternate Procedures166
D.Litigating Claims Based on Section 106167
2.Cause of Action169
3.Timing of Suit172
5.Attorney's Fees174
E.Improvements to Section 106 Implementation174
 Leslie E. Barras, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act: Back to Basics, Part 1, Summary Report174
 Notes & Questions178
ch. Four Environmental Policy Acts180
A.National Environmental Policy Act180
1.NEPA's Consideration Requirement182
 Recent Past Preservation Network v. Latschar182
 Notes & Questions188
2.NEPA and NHPA190
 Mid States Coalition for Progress v. Surface Transportation Board193
 Notes & Questions196
B.State Environmental Policy Acts197
 Architectural Heritage Association v. County of Monterey198
 Notes & Questions210
ch. Five Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act212
A.Text of Section 4(f)212
 Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act212
 Notes & Questions214
B.Section 4(f) Process216
 Case Study: Programmatic Section 4(f) Evaluations: The Lake Keechelus Snowshed Bridge218
 Notes & Questions219
 Section 4(f) and Archaeological Finds220
C.Interpreting Section 4(f)221
1.Standard for Judicial Review of Section 4(f) Decisions221
 Citizens to Preserve Overton Park, Inc. v. Volpe221
 Notes & Questions226
2.Incorporating the National Historic Preservation Act229
 Stop H-3 Association v. Coleman229
 Notes & Questions239
C.Interpreting Section 4(f)---Continued 
3.Adequacy of Section 4(f)(2) Planning to Minimize Harm240
 Merritt Parkway Conservancy v. Mineta240
 Notes & Questions253
D.State Laws Modeled After Section 4(f)255
 Reiter v. The City of Beloit256
 Notes & Questions266
ch. Six Local Regulation of Private Property268
 Julia H. Miller, National Trust for Historic Preservation, A Layperson's Guide to Historic Preservation Law268
 Notes & Questions269
A.Restrictions on Demolition and Alteration271
1.Examples of Local Approaches271
 Gondelman v. District of Columbia Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs271
 Turchi v. Philadelphia Board of License & Inspection Review280
 Notes & Questions288
 Preservation of Landscapes290
a.Economic Hardship293
 900 G Street Associates v. Department of Housing & Community Development294
 Notes & Questions300
 Zaruba v. Village of Oak Park300
 Notes & Questions309
b.Public Interest Exception312
 Committee of 100 on the Federal City v. District of Columbia Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs313
 Notes & Questions321
3.Delay of Demolition Provisions323
 Pansini Custom Design Associates, LLC v. City of Ocean City323
 Notes & Questions327
B.New Construction328
 Sanchez v. Town of Beaufort328
 Notes & Questions334
C.Conflicts With Zoning335
 City of Tampa v. City National Bank of Florida336
 Notes & Questions341
 Conservation Districts343
 Historic Preservation & Form Based Zoning Codes344
ch. Seven Constitutional Issues346
 Penn Central Transportation Company v. City of New York348
 Notes & Questions359
 Economic Impact Since Penn Central365
 District Intown Properties Limited Partnership v. District of Columbia365
 Notes & Questions374
 Physical Takings375
B.Religious Liberty377
1.First Amendment Issues378
 Rector, Wardens, & Members of the Vestry of St Bartholomew's Church v. City of New York379
 Notes & Questions390
 Free Exercise Jurisprudence in the 1990s392
 Notes & Questions393
2.Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000393
 Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000394
 Notes & Questions396
 Episcopal Student Foundation v. City of Ann Arbor398
 Notes & Questions407
C.Free Speech409
1.Level of Scrutiny409
 Globe Newspaper Company v. Beacon Hill Architectural Commission409
 Notes & Questions419
2.Artists' Rights421
 Burke v. City of Charleston422
 Notes & Questions428
ch. Eight Protections for Archaeological Sites430
A.Antiquities Act431
 Antiquities Act of 1906431
 Notes & Questions432
 Treasure Salvors, Inc. v. Unidentified Wrecked & Abandoned Sailing Vessel432
 Notes & Questions435
 United States v. Smyer436
 Notes & Questions439
 Tulare County v. Bush440
 Notes & Questions443
B.Historic Sites Act445
 Historic Sites Act of 1935445
 Notes & Questions447
 Historic Green Springs, Inc. v. Bergland448
 Notes & Questions455
 Historic and Archaeological Data Protection Preservation Act of 1974455
C.Archaeological Resources Protection Act456
 Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979456
 Notes & Questions460
 United States v. Gerber462
 Notes & Questions467
D.Section 106 Provisions Regarding Archaeological Resources467
 Notes & Questions470
 Case Study: African Burial Ground in New York City472
ch. Nine Protections for Native American Sites 475 
A.Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act475
1.Text of NAGPRA476
 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990476
 Notes & Questions483
2.Interpreting NAGPRA484
 United States v. Corrow484
 Notes & Questions492
 Bonnichsen v. United States493
 Notes & Questions498
3.Improvements to NAGPRA Implementation499
 Resolution of a Coalition of Authorized Representatives of Oklahoma and Southern Indian Tribes on the 20th Anniversary of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act499
 Notes & Questions501
B.Section 106 Provisions Regarding Tribal Resources502
1.Relevant NHPA Provisions503
 Historic Properties of Indian Tribes Provision of the National Historic Preservation Act503
 Notes & Questions505
2.Questions about Significance506
 Hoonah Indian Association v. Morrison507
 Notes & Questions511
3.Consultation Process512
 Muckleshoot Indian Tribe v. United States Forest Service512
 Notes & Questions519
 Quechan Tribe of Fort Yuma Reservation v. United States Department of the Interior521
 Notes & Questions529
 Growing Conflict Between Preservation and Renewable Energy Projects531
ch. Ten Conservation and Preservation Restrictions534
A.Character and Creation535
1.State Statutes537
 Uniform Conservation Easement Act (2007)537
 Notes & Questions539
 Connecticut Statute on Conservation and Preservation Restrictions541
 Notes & Questions543
 Dead Hand in Restrictions544
2.Exacted Conservation and Preservation Restrictions545
 Notes & Questions547
B.Alteration & Termination548
 Maine's Conservation Easement Amendment & Termination Provisions549
 Notes & Questions550
 Charitable Trust Approach to Conservation and Preservation Restrictions551
 Case Study: The Problem of Myrtle Grove553
 Notes & Questions554
B.Alteration & Termination 
 Notes & Questions556
C.Value of Conservation and Preservation Restrictions557
 Browning v. Commissioner559
 Notes & Questions567
 Ten to Fifteen Percent Rule568
 Difficulties and Abuses of Valuation570
2.Tax Treatment571
 Qualified Conservation Contribution Provisions572
 Notes & Questions575
 Herman v. Commissioner578
 Notes & Questions589
 Other Federal and State Tax Incentives589
 Notes & Questions590
ch. Eleven Preservation in Modern Development592
A.Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits592
1.Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit593
a.Historical Context593
b.Statutory Language595
 Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit Provisions595
 Notes & Questions598
c.Application Process for the 20 Percent Credit599
 Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation601
 Notes & Questions602
 Amoco Production Company v. United States Department of the Interior604
 Notes & Questions612
d.Rehabilitation Tax Credit in Practice614
 Combining Tax Credits615
 Case Study: St Joseph's Senior Apartments616
 Notes & Questions618
2.State Rehabilitation Tax Credits618
 Notes & Questions619
B.Issues Related to Disability Law620
1.Americans With Disabilities Act620
 ADA Compliance Standards for Historic Properties: Federal Regulations Provisions621
2.Access to Buildings Open to the Public622
a."Readily Achievable" Standard622
 Gathright-Dietrich v. Atlanta Landmarks, Inc.622
 Notes & Questions627
b."Threaten or Destroy" Standard628
 Notes & Questions630
3.Access to Public Programs631
 Notes & Questions632
 Fair Housing Act's Anti-Discrimination Provisions634
 Notes & Questions636
C.Intellectual Property637
1.Protection for Architectural Design Through Copyright Law637
a.Architectural Design Before 1990639
b.Architectural Design After 1990641
 Notes & Questions642
2.Protectability of Iconic Architectural Images Through Trademark Law644
 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, Inc. v. Gentile Productions646
 Notes & Questions653
1.Historical Context655
 Notes & Questions657
2.Terminology and Displacement659
3.Preservation and Affordable Housing660