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Call # K349 .B37 1997
Author Barnett, Hilaire
Title Sourcebook on feminist jurisprudence / Hilaire Barnett
Imprint London : Cavendish Pub., 1997
Book Cover
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Descript. xvii, 639 p. ; 24 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Feminist jurisprudence
Women -- Legal status, laws, etc
OCLC # 38890484
Table of Contents
1Factual Data on the World's Women3
  The World's Women 1970-90 The United Nations Reports3
2Women and Culture21
  Toward a Theory of Law and Patriarchy / Janet Rifkin23
  Gyn/Ecology / Mary Daly26
  Lewd Women and Wicked Witches / Marianne Hester35
  The Mayor of Casterbridge / Thomas Hardy39
  What Became of God the Mother? Conflicting Images of God in Early Christianity / Elaine Pagels44
  Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women's Liberation / Mary Daly47
  The Division of Labour in Society / Emile Durkheim51
  Fundamental Principles of the Sociology of Law / Eugen Erhlich53
  Folkways / William Graham Sumner53
3The Evolution and Scope of Feminist Jurisprudence59
  In Search of a Feminist Jurisprudence / Christine Littleton61
  What is Feminist Theory? / Elizabeth Grosz64
  Feminist Jurisprudence: Illusion or Reality / Margaret Thornton75
  Law and the Sexes / Ngaire Naffine77
  Feminism and the Power of Law / Carol Smart81
  Feminism, the Desire for Theory and the Use of Law / Anne Bottomley84
4Feminist Legal Methods93
  Feminist Legal Methods / Katharine Bartlett94
  The Emergence of Feminist Jurisprudence / Ann Scales105
  Feminism and Legal Method: The Difference it Makes / Mary Jane Mossman107
5Patriarchy: Public and Private123
  Theorising Patriarchy / Sylvia Walby124
  Patriarchal Feminism and the Law of the Father / Shelley Wright127
  The Subjection of Women / John Stuart Mill135
  What Price the Missus Now? / Cedric Thornberry141
  The Disorder of Women / Carole Pateman143
  Sexual Divisions in Law / Katherine O'Donovan146
6Gender: Equality/Sameness/Difference161
  Legal Construction of Sex and Gender / Katherine O'Donovan171
  Breaking Women's Silence in Law: The Dilemma of the Gendered Nature of Legal Reasoning / Lucinda Finley176
  The Mirror Tells its Tale: Constructions of Gender in Criminal Law / Sheila Duncan186
  The Second Sex / Simone de Beauvoir194
  Carol Gilligan's research194
  Portia in a Different Voice: Speculations on a Women's Lawyering Process / Carrie Menkel-Meadow196
  From Gender Difference to Feminist Solidarity: Using Carol Gilligan and an Ethic of Care in Law / Leslie Bender203
  Difference and Dominance: On Sex Discrimination / Catharine MacKinnon211
  Sexual Difference, the Feminine, and Equivalency: A Critique of MacKinnon's Toward a Feminist Theory of the State / Drucilla Cornell221
  Jurisprudence and Gender / Robin West227
  The 'Woman's Point of View' / Deborah L. Rhode244
  Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory / Angela P. Harris249
  Feminist Jurisprudence: Grounding the Theories / Patricia A. Cain256
  Deconstructing Gender / Joan C. Williams268
7Ancient Political Thought277
  The Republic / Plato277
  Symposium / Plato280
  The Politics / Aristotle281
  Women in Western Political Thought / Susan Moller Okin286
8'Traditional' Jurisprudence301
  Law and the Sexes / Ngaire Naffine302
  Feminism and Legal Positivism / Margot Stubbs303
  Feminism and the Tenets of Conventional Legal Theory / Nicola Lacey309
  Two Treatises on Government / John Locke316
  Early Liberal Roots of Feminism: John Locke and the Attack on Patriarchy / Melissa Butler317
  Theory of Justice / John Rawls323
  Liberal Jurisprudence and Abstracted Visions of Human Nature: A Feminist Critique of Rawls's Theory of Justice / Mari J. Matsuda325
  The Sexual Contract / Carole Pateman327
  Marxism and Law / Hugh Collins329
  The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State / Engels332
  The Second Sex / Simone de Beauvoir333
  Looking Again at Engels's Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State / Rosalind Delmar335
  The Sexual Contract / Carole Pateman339
  Feminism and Critical Legal Theory: An American Perspective / Frances Olsen342
  Feminist Critical Theories / Deborah L. Rhode347
  Deconstructing the CLS-FEM Split / Robin West362
9Women, Violence and the Legal System371
  The Province of Jurisprudence Determined - Again! / Hilaire Barnett371
  Sexism and the Law / Albie Sachs, Joan Hoff-Wilson374
  Women and the Law / Susan Atkins, Brenda Hoggett379
  Erotic Love in the Law of Rape / Ngaire Naffine385
  Rape / Susan Estrich389
  Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape / Susan Brownmiller398
  The World's Women, 1970-90 The United Nations Report404
  Women and the Law / Susan Atkins, Brenda Hoggett405
  Battered Woman Syndrome / Susan Edwards408
  In Defence of Battered Women Who Kill / Aileen McColgan412
  Female Victims in the Criminal Law / Sheila McLean421
  The Obscene Publications Act 1959435
  Conspiracy to Corrupt Public Morals436
  Australia, Canada and the United States of America437
  On Liberty / John Stuart Mill439
  Pornography: Men Possessing Women / Andrea Dworkin443
  Whores / Andrea Dworkin445
  Francis Biddle's Sister: Pornography, Civil Rights, and Speech / Catharine MacKinnon450
  Only Words / Catharine MacKinnon460
  Pornography and the Tyranny of the Majority / Elizabeth Wolgast463
  The Problem with Pornography: A Critical Survey of the Current Debate / Emily Jackson476
11Women and Medicine491
  Consent, Coercion and Consortium: The Sexual Politics of Sterilisation / Elizabeth Kingdom493
  'Who is the Mother to Make the Judgment?': Constructions of Woman in English Abortion Law / Sally Sheldon507
  The Medicalisation of Infanticide / Katherine O'Donovan518
  Law Reform and Human Reproduction: Implications for Women / Rebecca Albury523
12Women and International Law535
  Feminist Approaches to International Law / Hilary Charlesworth, Christine Chinkin, Shelley Wright537
  The United Nations Report: The World's Women, 1995 The United Nations Report554
  Violence Against Women / Jane Connors558
  International Protection of Family Members' Rights / Geraldine Van Bueren576
  Women, Feminism and International Human Rights Law - Methodological Myopia, Fundamental Flaws or Meaningful Marginalisation? / Andrew Byrnes583
  Mainstreaming Gender Within the International Framework / Jane Connors603