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Call # K231 .P47 2000
Title Philosophy of law / edited by Joel Feinberg, Jules Coleman
Imprint Belmont, Calif. ; London : Wadsworth, c2000
Edition 6th ed
Book Cover
 WMS STACKS  K231 .P47 2000    AVAILABLE


Descript. xi, 850 p. ; 25 cm
Note Previous ed.: 1995
Subject Law -- Philosophy
Law and ethics -- United States
Law -- United States
Alt Author Coleman, Jules L
Feinberg, Joel, 1926-
OCLC # 42004265
Table of Contents
Pt. 1Law1
  Natural Law Theory7
   "Natural Law Theory" / Brian Bix7
   "The Natural Law Theory of St. Thomas Aquinas" / Susan Dimock19
  The Challenge of Legal Positivism33
   "A Positivist Conception of Law," from The Province of Jurisprudence Determined (1832) / John Austin33
   "Law as the Union of Primary and Secondary Rules," from The Concept of Law (1961) / H. L. A. Hart45
   "Positivism and the Separation of Law and Morals" / H. L. A. Hart59
   "Positivism and Fidelity to Law - A Reply to Professor Hart" / Lon L. Fuller76
   "Eight Ways to Fail to Make Law," from The Morality of Law (1964) / Lon L. Fuller91
   "Negative and Positive Positivism" / Jules Coleman95
  Law from the Perspective of the Judge108
   "The Dilemmas of Judges Who Must Interpret 'Immoral Laws'" / Joel Feinberg108
   "The Model of Rules" / Ronald Dworkin130
   Riggs v. Palmer, Court of Appeals of New York, 1889147
   "Integrity in Law," from Law's Empire (1986) / Ronald Dworkin152
   "The Third Theory of Law" / J. L. Mackie167
   "The Path of the Law" / O. W. Holmes174
   "Legal Realism," from Law and the Modern Mind (1963) / Jerome Frank180
   "Interpretive Construction in the Substantive Criminal Law" / Mark Kelman182
  The Moral Obligation to Obey the Law210
   Crito / Plato210
   "Letter from Birmingham Jail," from Why We Can't Wait (1963) / Martin Luther King, Jr.219
   "Difference Made Legal: The Court and Dr. King" / David Luban227
Pt. 2Liberty254
  The Case for Self-Determination259
   "The Liberal Argument," from On Liberty (1859) / John Stuart Mill259
  Challenges to Self-Determination271
   "Paternalism," from Morality and the Law (1971) / Gerald Dworkin271
  Constitutional Privacy281
   Griswold v. Connecticut, United States Supreme Court, 1965281
   Roe v. Wade, United States Supreme Court, 1973287
   Planned Parenthood of S.E. Pennsylvanis v. Casey, United States Supreme Court, 1992291
   Bowers v. Hardwick, United States Supreme Court, 1986295
  Freedom of Expression and Its Limits306
   "Limits to the Free Expression of Opinion" / Joel Feinberg306
   Cohen v. California, United States Supreme Court, 1971322
   Village of Skokie v. National Socialist Party of America, Supreme Court of Illinois, 1978326
   Texas v. Johnson, United States Supreme Court, 1989330
   "Civil Rights versus Civil Liberties: The Case of Discriminatory Verbal Harassment" / Thomas C. Grey339
  Principles of Constitutional Interpretation356
   "The Right of Privacy: The Construction of a Constitutional Time Bomb," from The Tempting of America (1990) / Robert H. Bork356
   "Discovering Fundamental Values," from Democracy and Distrust (1980) / John Hart Ely359
   "Constitutional Interpretation and Original Meaning" / David Lyons374
Pt. 3Justice389
  The Machinery of Justice: Three Sample Procedural Problems394
   "Torture and Plea Bargaining" / John H. Langbein394
   "Jury Nullification," from Conflicts of Law and Morality (1987) / Kent Greenawalt404
   "The Serpent Beguiled Me and I Did Eat: Entrapment and the Creation of Crime" / Gerald Dworkin409
  Justice and Compensation419
   "Mischief and Misfortune" / Jules Coleman, Arthur Ripstein419
   "Loss, Agency and Responsibility for Outcomes: Three Conceptions of Corrective Justice" / Stephen R. Perry439
  Justice and Contract453
   "Contract Law and Distributive Justice" / Anthony T. Kronman453
   "Babies for Sale: Reflections on the Baby M Case" / Robin Fox471
   "Surrogate Motherhood as Prenatal Adoption" / Bonnie Steinbock484
  Justice, Affirmative Action and Racial Quotas492
   "Equal Treatment and Compensatory Discrimination" / Thomas Nagel492
   "The Message of Affirmative Action" / Thomas E. Hill, Jr.499
   California Constitution, Article I sec. 31513
  Inequality and Gender514
   "The Reasonable Woman" / Kim Lane Scheppele514
   State v. Rusk, Court of Appeals of Maryland, 1981519
   Regina v. Morgan, House of Lords, 1976523
   State v. Kelly, Supreme Court of New Jersey, 1984525
   Michael M. v. Superior Court of Sonoma County, United States Supreme Court, 1981530
   "Sexuality, Authenticity, and Modernity" / Leslie Green538
Pt. 4Responsibility549
  Responsibility for Results554
   "The Impossibility of General Strict Liability" / Stephen Perry554
   "Causation and Responsibility," from Causation in the Law (1959) / H. L. A. Hart, A. M. Honore572
   "The Decline of Cause" / Judith Jarvis Thomson584
   "Blame, Punishment and the Role of Result" / Richard Parker592
   Palsgraf v. The Long Island Railroad Co., New York Court of Appeals 1928598
   Summers v. Tice, Supreme Court of California, 1948604
   Sindell v. Abbott Laboratories, Supreme Court of California, 1980608
  Responsibility for Nonintervention623
   "Notes on the Indian Penal Code," from Works of Lord Macaulay (1866) / Thomas Babington Macaulay623
   "The Case for a Duty to Rescue" / Ernest J. Weinrib625
  Some Criminal Defenses646
   People v. Young, New York Court of Appeals, 1962646
   "The Case of the Speluncean Explorers" / Lon L. Fuller648
   "The Case of Lady Eldon's French Lace" / Sanford S. Kadish, Stephen J. Schulhofer663
   The M'Naghten Rules, House of Lords (1843)668
   The Insanity Defense, from Model Penal Code (1956) The American Law Institute669
   State v. Guido, New Jersey Supreme Court, 1963672
   "What Is So Special About Mental Illness?" from Doing and Deserving (1970) / Joel Feinberg674
Pt. 5Punishment683
  What Is Legal Punishment?688
   "The Expressive Function of Punishment," from Doing and Deserving (1970) / Joel Feinberg688
   "Shame, Culture and American Criminal Law" / Toni M. Massaro699
  What, If Anything, Justifies Legal Punishment?727
   "The Classic Debate" / Joel Feinberg727
   "Fantastic Counterexamples and the Utilitarian Theory," from Crime, Guilt and Punishment (1987) / C. L. Ten732
   "The Moral Worth of Retribution" / Michael S. Moore746
   "The Failure of Retributivism" / Russ Shafer-Landau769
  Victims' Rights: Restitution or Vengeance?780
   "Retributivism: A Test Case for Ethical Objectivity" / J. L. Mackie780
   "Getting Even: The Role of the Victim" / Jeffrie G. Murphy788
   Payne v. Tennessee, United States Supreme Court, 1990799
  The Death Penalty817
   Furman v. Georgia, United States Supreme Court, 1972817
   Woodson v. North Carolina, United States Supreme Court, 1976826
   "In Defense of the Death Penalty: A Practical and Moral Analysis" / Ernest van den Haag836
   "Should We Execute Those Who Deserve to Die?" from An Eye for an Eye: The Morality of Punishing by Death (1987) / Stephen Nathanson842