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Call # KF4755 .R43 2001
Title A reader on race, civil rights, and American law : a multiracial approach / edited by Timothy Davis, Kevin R. Johnson, George A. Martínez
Imprint Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, c2001
Book Cover
 WMS STACKS  KF4755 .R43 2001    AVAILABLE


Descript. xviii, 805 p. ; 26 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and indexes
Subject Minorities -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States
Race discrimination -- Law and legislation -- United States
United States -- Race relations
Alt Author Davis, Timothy, 1954-
Johnson, Kevin R
Martínez, George A., 1954-
OCLC # 48172806
Table of Contents
 Prologue and Acknowledgments 
Ch. 1Concepts of Race: Biological Reality or Social Construction?3
 ASome History: Biology as a Different Rationalization for Racial Subordination3
   The Evolution of Modern Racial Awareness / Michael Omi, Howard Winant3
 BThe "One Drop" Rule and Its Impact7
   The Devil and the One Drop Rule: Racial Categories, African Americans, and the U.S. Census / Christine B. Hickman7
 CSocial Construction of Race21
   The Social Construction of Race: Some Observations on Illusion, Fabrication, and Choice / Ian F. Haney Lopez21
 DWhiteness as a "Race"33
   "Was Blind, But Now I See": White Race Consciousness and the Requirement of Discriminatory Intent / Barbara J. Flagg33
   Language and Silence: Making Systems of Privilege Visible / Stephanie M. Wildman, Adrienne D. Davis41
   Dismantling Whiteness / Ian F. Haney Lopez50
 EIdentity Issues and Different Minority Groups: Who Wants To Be White?54
   The Legal Construction of Race: Mexican-Americans and Whiteness / George A. Martinez54
   From Black To White and Back Again / Frank Wu60
Ch. 2Histories of Race and Racism: The Constant of White Supremacy69
 AThe African American Experience: Slavery and the Constitution69
   The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence: Chief Justice Roger Taney's Defense and Justice Thurgood Marshall's Condemnation of the Precept of Black Inferiority / A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr.70
   Affirmative Action for the Master Class: The Creation of the Proslavery Constitution / Paul Finkelman77
 BNative Americans: Conquest and Betrayal84
   Federal Power Over Indians: Its Sources, Scope, and Limitations / Nell Jessup Newton86
   The Algebra of Federal India Law: The Hard Trail of Decolonizing and Americanizing the White Man's Indian Jurisprudence / Robert A. Williams, Jr.93
   The Political Status of the Native Hawaiian People / Jon M. Van Dyke95
 CAsian Americans: From the Chinese Exclusion Laws to the Present101
   Toward An Asian American Legal Scholarship: Critical Race Theory, Post-Structuralism, and Narrative Space / Robert S. Chang102
   Asian Americans: The "Reticent" Minority and Their Paradoxes / Pat K. Chew106
 DLatinos: Braceros, Wetbacks, Forgotten Americans, and "Foreigners"113
   The Chronicle, My Grandfather's Stories, and Imimigration Law: The Slave Traders Chronicles as Racial History / Michael A. Olivas113
   Some Thoughts on the Future of Latino Legal Scholarship / Kevin R. Johnson116
Ch. 3The Anti-Discrimination Laws127
   The Id, the Ego, and Equal Protection: Reckoning with Unconscious Racism / Charles R. Lawrence III127
   Thirty Years of Title VII's Regulatory Regime: Rights, Theories, and Realities / Ronald Turner131
   The Content of Our Categories: A Cognitive Bias Approach to Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity / Linda Hamilton Krieger137
   The Efficiency and Efficacy of Title VII / Richard A. Posner142
   Needed in the Nineties: Improved Individual and Structural Remedies for Racial and Sexual Disadvantages in Employment / Mary E. Becker146
   To Help Those Most in Need: Undocumented Workers' Rights and Remedies unter Title VII / Maria L. Ontiveros150
   Direct Democracy and Distrust: The Relationship Between Language Law Rhetoric and the Language Vigilantism Experience / Steven W. Bender157
   How the Gercia Cousins Lost Their Accents: Understanding the Language of Title VII Decisions Approving English-Only Rules as the Product of Racial Dualism, Latino Invisibility, and Legal Indeterminacy / Christopher David Ruiz Cameron159
   The Persistence of Segregation: Links Between Residential Segregation and School Segregation / Nancy A. Denton163
   Race/ism Lost and Found: The Fair Housing Act at Thirty / John O. Calmore166
   Free Markets Deep in the Heart of Texas / Jane E. Larson170
   The Geography of Community / Jerry Frug176
   The Boundaries of Race: Political Geography in Legal Analysis / Richard Thompson Ford179
   Empowerment as the Key to Environmental Protection: The Need for Environmental Poverty Law / Luke W. Cole182
   Locally Undesirable Land Uses in Minority Neighborhoods: Disproportionate Siting or Market Dynamics? / Vicki Been185
   The Environmental Justice Misfit: Public Participation and the Paradigm Paradox / Eileen Gauna187
   Racial Discrimination and the Right to Vote / Armand Derfner193
   Save the Baby, Change the Bathwater, and Scrub the Tub: Latino Electoral Participation After Seventeen Years of Voting Rights Act Coverage / Rodolfo O. De la Garza, Louis DeSipio197
   Groups, Representation, and Race-Conscious Districting: A Case of the Emperor's Clothes / Lani Guinier202
   A Black Party? Timmons, Black Backlash and the Endangered Two-Party Paradigm / Terry Smith204
   Civil Rights Litigation: Cases and Perspectives (1995) / Roy L. Brooks, Gilbert P. Carrasco, Gordon A. Martin, Jr.210
   Legal Indeterminancy, Judicial Discretion and the Mexican-American Litigation Experience: 1930-1980 / George A. Martinez215
   American Indian Education: The Terror of History and the Nation's Debt to the Indian Peoples / Raymond Cross220
   Bid Whist, Tonk, and United States v. Fordice: Why Integrationism Fails African-Americans Again / Alex M. Johnson228
   The Heart of Equal Protection: Education and Race / Sharon E. Rush234
   The Heart of Equal Protection: Education and Race / Sharon E. Rush238
   Transformative Desegregation: Liberating Hearts and Minds / Wendy Brown-Scott247
   Black America and School Choice: Charting a New Course / Robin D. Barnes257
   Reforming School Reform / Martha Minow261
   Schools, Race, and Money / James E. Ryan269
   Bilingual Education, Immigration, and the Culture of Disinvestment / Rachel F. Moran281
   Discrimination by Proxy: The Case of Proposition 227 and the Ban on Bilingual Education / Kevin R. Johnson, George A. Martinez287
   The Law of Civil Rights and the Dangers of Separatism in Multicultural America / J. Harvie Wilkinson III291
   Diversity, Distance, and the Delivery of Higher Education / Rachel F. Moran297
   Constitutional Criteria: The Social Science and Common Law of Admissions Decisions in Higher Education / Michael A. Olivas304
   Racism in Athletics: Subtle Yet Persistent / Timothy Davis313
Ch. 4Affirmative Action321
 ATypes and Justification321
   Understanding Affirmative Action / David Benjamin Oppenheimer321
 BComplexities of Affirmative Action346
   Affirmative Action For Whom? / Paul Brest, Miranda Oshige346
   "Affirmative Action," Past, Present, and Future / Lino A. Graglia360
   Ten Arguments Against Affirmative Action - How Valid? / Richard Delgado365
 DThe Backlash - Hopwood, Proposition 209, and Beyond: The Elusive Quest for Color-Blindness376
   The Rumors of My Death Have Been Exaggerated: Hopwood's Error in "Discarding" Bakke / Philip T. K. Daniel, Kyle Edward Timkin376
   Proposition 209 / Girardeau A. Spann387
   A Critique of "Our Constitution Is Color-Blind" / Neil Gotanda399
Ch. 5Criminal Justice407
 AHistorical Perspectives409
   Measuring Racial Equity in Criminal Justice: The Historical Record / Katheryn K. Russell409
   Defining Race Through the Minority Experience / Coramae Richey Mann412
 BDisparate Effect of Criminal Laws413
   The Minority "Crime Problem" / Coramae Richey Mann414
   The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Incarceration-Based Sentencing Policies / Marc Mauer417
   Crime, Race, and Reproduction / Dorothy E. Roberts421
   Prosecution and Race: The Power and Privilege of Discretion / Angela J. Davis425
   The Race Question in Criminal Law: Changing the Politics of Conflict / Randall Kennedy430
 CSpecific Issues434
   Race and the Fourth Amendment / Tracey Maclin435
   Gangs and Law Enforcement: The Necessity of Limiting the Use of Gang Profiles / Suzin Kim447
   Foreword: The Coming Crisis of Criminal Procedure / Dan M. Kahan, Tracey L. Meares449
   Foreword: Discretion and Discrimination Reconsidered: A Response to the New Criminal Justice Scholarship / David Cole458
   Racially Based Jury Nullification: Black Power in the Criminal Justice System / Paul Butler464
   The Myth of the Nullifying Jury / Nancy S. Marder470
   Rights Held Hostage: Race, Ideology and the Peremptory Challenge / Kenneth B. Nunn474
   The Dilemma of Difference: Race As a Sentencing Factor / Placido G. Gomez489
   Indeterminate Sentencing: An Analysis of Sentencing in America / Christopher M. Alexander492
   Racial Discrimination and the Death Penalty in the Post-Furman Era: An Empirical and Legal Overview, with Recent Findings From Philadelphia [et al.] / David C. Baldus, George Woodworth, David Zuckerman497
   Probing the Capital Prosecutor's Perspective: Race of the Discretionary Actors / Jeffrey J. Pokorak503
Ch. 6Hate Speech507
 AThe Case for Regulation507
   Words that Wound: A Tort Action for Racial Insults, Epithets, and Name-Calling / Richard Delgado507
   It He Hollers Let Him Go: Regulating Racist Speech On Campus / Charles R. Lawrence III514
 BR.A.V. v. City of St. Paul532
   The Case of the Missing Amendments: R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul / Akhil Reed Amar532
 CResponses To Speech Regulation542
   The Case Against Postmodern Censorship Theory / Steven G. Gey542
Ch. 7Race and Immigration Law563
   Race, the Immigration Laws, and Domestic Race Relations: A "Magic Mirror" into the Heart of Darkness / Kevin R. Johnson565
   The Limits of Borders: A Moderate Proposal for Immigration Reform / Frank H. Wu575
   The Construction of Race and Class Buffers in the Structure of Immigration Controls and Laws / Tanya Kateri Hernandez576
   The Civil Rights Revolution Comes to Immigration Law: A New Look at the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 / Gabriel J. Chin578
   Immigration, Equality and Diversity / Stephen H. Legomsky581
   Demography and Distrust: The Latino Challenge to Civil Rights and Immigration Policy in the 1990s and Beyond / Rachel F. Moran584
   LatCrit Theory, International Human Rights, Popular Culture, and the Faces of Despair in INS Raids / Elvia R. Arriola587
Ch. 8The Intersection of Race and Gender593
   Introduction / Adrien K. Wing594
   Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory / Angela P. Harris596
   Converging Stereotypes in Racialized Sexual Harassment: Where the Model Minority Meets Suzie Wong / Sumi K. Cho604
   Foreword: The Meaning of Gender Equality in Criminal Law / Dorothy E. Roberts610
   Las Olvidadas - Gendered in Justice/Gendered Injustice: Latinas, Fronteras and the Law / Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol612
   Intersectionality and Positionality: Situating Women of Color in the Affirmative Action Dialogue / Laura M. Padilla620
Ch. 9Racial Complexities633
   Do African-Americans Need Immersion Schools?: The Paradoxes Created by Legal Conceptualization of Race and Public Education / Kevin Brown635
   Deconstructing Homo[geneous] Americanus: The White Ethnic Immigrant Narrative and Its Exclusionary Effect / Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas641
   Beyond the Rhetoric of Assimilation and Cultural Pluralism: Addressing the Tension of Separatism and Conflict in an Immigration-Driven Multiracial Society / Bill Ong Hing643
   Latinos, Assimilation and the Law: A Philosophical Perspective / George A. Martinez650
 BInterracial Conflict655
   Traces of the Master Narrative in the Story of African American/Korean American Conflict: How We Constructed "Los Angeles" / Lisa C. Ikemoto655
   Multicultural Empowerment: It's Not Just Black and White Anymore / Deborah Ramirez658
   Civil Rights and Immigration: Challenges for the Latino Community in the Twenty-First Century / Kevin R. Johnson664
   Unloving / Jim Chen668
   "Multiracial" Discourse: Racial Classifications in an Era of Color-Blind Jurisprudence / Tanya Kateri Hernandez670
   Destabilizing Racial Classifications Based on Insights Gleaned from Trademark Law / Alex M. Johnson, Jr.673
   "Melting Pot" or "Ring of Fire"?: Assimilation and the Mexican-American Experience / Kevin R. Johnson676
 DSexual Orientation and Race681
   Myths of Identity: Individual and Group Portraits of Race and Sexual Orientation / Kenneth L. Karst682
   Ignoring the Sexualization of Race: Heteronormativity, Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racist Politics / Darren Lenard Hutchinson685
   Latina Multidimensionality and LatCrit Possibilities: Culture, Gender, and Sex / Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol689
   Sex and Race in Queer Legal Culture: Ruminations on Identities & Inter-Connectivities / Francisco Valdes692
Ch. 10The Pursuit of Racial Justice: What Can Be Done?697
   Is American Law Inherently Racist? / Richard Delgado, Daniel A. Farber698
   Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner!! / Stephen Reinhardt703
   Legal Indeterminacy, Judicial Discretion and the Mexican-American Litigation Experience: 1930-1980 / George A. Martinez706
   Critical Race Praxis: Race Theory and Political Lawyering Practice in Post-Civil Rights America / Eric K. Yamamoto708
   Entering Great America: Reflections on Race and the Convergence of Progressive Legal Theory and Practice / Margaret M. Russell711
   Civil Rights and Immigration: Challenges for the Latino Community in the Twenty-First Century / Kevin R. Johnson712
   Essential Politics / Sumi K. Cho717
   Coalition-Building Between Natives and Non-Natives / Haunani-Kay Trask719
   Cyber-Race / Jerry Kang723
Ch. 11Racial Minorities in Legal Academia731
 AThe Experiences of People of Color in the Citadel731
   Reflections on Identity, Diversity, and Morality / Deborah Waire Post731
   A Latino Law Professor / Kevin Johnson735
 BThe Rise of Critical Race Theory, Storytelling, and Other Forms of Subversion742
   Brown v. Board of Education and the Interest-Convergence Dilemma / Derrick A. Bell, Jr.742