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Call # KF801.A7 P42 2001
Title Perspectives on contract law / [edited by] Randy E. Barnett
Imprint Gaithersburg, MD : Aspen Law & Business, c2001
Edition 2nd ed
Book Cover


Descript. xxvi, 476 p. ; 23 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references
Subject Contracts -- United States
Alt Author Barnett, Randy E
OCLC # 46319663
Table of Contents
IEnforcing Private Agreements1
 1How Should Damages for Breach of Contract Be Measured?3
    The Reliance Interest in Contract Damages / Lon L. Fuller, William R. Perdue, Jr.5
    The Phantom Reliance Interest in Contract Damages / Michael B. Kelly22
    Beyond Fuller and Perdue? / Richard Craswell37
 2Are Some Breaches of Contract Efficient?47
    Fundamental Principles of Contract Damages / Richard A. Posner48
    The Efficient Breach Fallacy / Daniel Friedman52
 3When Should Courts Order Specific Performance?59
  A.Efficiency Concerns60
    Specific Performance / Richard A. Posner60
    The Case for Specific Performance / Alan Schwartz62
  B.Moral Concerns69
    Contract Remedies and Inalienable Rights / Randy E. Barnett70
    Liberty and Contractual Empowerment / Christopher T. Wonnell81
IIMutual Assent91
 4Does a Promise Differ from an Offer?93
    On the Nature of Offer, Acceptance, and Promise / Peter Meijes Tiersma94
 5Is There a Duty to Negotiate a Contract in Good Faith?111
    Enforcing the Contract to Bargain / Charles L. Knapp112
 6When Should Parol Evidence of Contracting Parties' Intentions Be Considered by a Court?127
    "Meaning" in the Law of Contracts / E. Allan Farnsworth128
 7How Should Courts Use Business Norms to Construe Written Terms?141
    The Theory of Legally Unenforceable Agreements / Lisa Bernstein142
 8How Has Modern Technology Affected Mutual Assent?157
    Autistic Contracts / James J. White158
 9Which Commitments Should Be Enforced?185
    The Basis of Contract / Morris R. Cohen186
 10Does the Doctrine of Consideration Have a Function?199
    Consideration and Form / Lon L. Fuller200
    The Ideological Subtext of "Consideration and Form" / Duncan Kennedy222
 11Should the "Intention to Create Legal Relations" Be a Criterion of Enforceability?231
    A Consent Theory of Contract / Randy E. Barnett233
    The Regulatory Role of Contract Law / Jean Braucher245
 12Is the Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel About Protecting Reliance?257
    The Promissory Basis of Section 90 / Edward Yorio, Steve Thel259
    The Last Promissory Estoppel Article / Jay M. Feinman275
    The Four Evolutionary Stages of Promissory Estoppel / Eric Mills Holmes288
IVPerformance and Breach301
 13What Constitutes Good Faith Performance?303
    Breach of Contract and the Common Law Duty to Perform in Good Faith / Steven J. Burton304
    The General Duty of Good Faith--Its Recognition and Conceptualization / Robert S. Summers316
 14When Is a Breach Material?323
    A New Look at Material Breach in the Law of Contracts / Eric G. Andersen324
VDefenses to Contractual Obligation339
 15When Should a Court Refuse to Enforce a Contract?341
  A.Duress, Undue Influence, and Unconscionability342
    Unconscionability: A Critical Reappraisal / Richard A. Epstein343
    The Bargain Principle and Its Limits / Melvin Aron Eisenberg354
  B.Contracts of Adhesion368
    Contracts of Adhesion: An Essay in Reconstruction / Todd D. Rakoff369
  C.Unilateral Mistake and the Duty to Disclose386
    Mistake, Disclosure, Information, and the Law of Contracts / Anthony T. Kronman386
    The Duty to Disclose Information and the Liberal Conception of Fraud / Randy E. Barnett395
 16Should Courts Adjust Contract Terms to Handle Changed Circumstances?403
    Contracts as Insurance / Richard A. Posner404
    Court Adjustment of Long-Term Contracts / Robert A. Hillman411
    Relation-Preserving Vs. End-Game Norms / Lisa Bernstein423
    The Case for Formalism in Relational Contract / Robert E. Scott428
 17What Is the Relational Theory of Contract?445
    Relational Contract Theory in Context / Jay M. Feinman446
    Why There is no Law of Relational Contracts / Melvin A. Eisenberg458