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Call # HN90.S6 C48 2001
Title Challenges to equality : poverty and race in America / Chester Hartman, editor ; foreword by John Lewis
Imprint Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, c2001
Book Cover


Descript. xvi, 396 p. ; 24 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Equality -- United States
Social stratification -- United States
Poverty -- United States
United States -- Race relations
Alt Author Hartman, Chester W
OCLC # 45102995
Table of Contents
 Foreword / John Lewis 
 Introduction / Chester Hartman 
 Civil Rights, Now and Then / Julian Bond3
 Wake Up, Jared Taylor! America is a Democracy Now! / Howard Winant13
 Digging Out of the White Trap / Marian (Meck) Groot, Paul Marcus15
 Response / Chip Berlet, Surina Khan19
 Race and Space / John A. Powell20
 Telling History on the Landscape / James W. Loewen27
 "Don't Know Much About History...." Quiz / James W. Loewen33
 Bilingual Education / Bebe Moore Campbell34
 Symposium: Is Integration Possible?36
 Editor's Introduction36
 By the Color of Our Skin: The Illusion of Integration and the Reality of Race / Leonard Steinhorn, Barbara Diggs-Brown37
 The Politics of Equality / Jerome Scott, Walda Katz-Fishman45
 Equality Versus Integration / Herbert J. Gans46
 Viable Integration Must Reject the Ideology of "Assimilationism" / John O. Calmore48
 A Wake-Up Call for Liberals / Richard D. Kahlenberg51
 "Now We Are Engaged in a Great Civil War, Testing Whether That Nation, Or Any Nation So Conceived and So Dedicated, Can Long Endure" / Howard Winant52
 The Morally Lazy White Middle Class / Robert Jensen54
 Today's Integration Challenge / Angela E. Oh55
 Half Full? Half Empty? / James W. Loewen57
 Needed: An Antiwhite Movement / Noel Ignatiev59
 Is Integration Possible? Of Course ... / Florence Wagman Roisman61
 What Is the Question? Integration or Defeat of Racism? / James Early64
 Education and Incentives to Actualize Integration / Don DeMarco66
 Should Racial Integration Be Pursued As the Only Goal? / Joe Feagin, Yvonne Combs68
 Progress in Integration Has Been Made / George C. Galster70
 Unillusioned / S. M. Miller71
 Keeping the Dream / William L. Taylor74
 No One Even Knows What Integration Is / John Woodford76
 We Aspire to Integration and Practice Pluralism / Frank H. Wu77
 Integration: The Long Hard Road to the Right Destination / Paul L. Wachtel79
 The Politics of Perception / Ty dePass81
 Response to "Is Integration Possible?" Symposium / Leonard Steinhorn84
 Editor's Introduction91
 Economic Growth and Poverty: Lessons from the 1980s and 1990s / Jared Bernstein91
 Welfare Reform and Racial/Ethnic Minorities: The Questions to Ask / Steve Savner97
 The Outcomes of Welfare Reform for Women / Barbara Gault, Annisah Um'rani102
 America's Fifth Child: It's Time To End Child Poverty in America / Marian Wright Edelman106
 Wealth, Success, and Poverty in Indian Country / D. Bambi Kraus113
 Race and Poverty in the Rural South / Margaret Walsh, Cynthia M. Duncan117
 Poverty, Racial Discrimination, and the Family Farm / Stephen Carpenter123
 Editor's Introduction133
 The Growing Education Gap / Kati Haycock133
 Symposium: Is Racial Integration Essential to Achieving Quality Education for Low-Income Minority Students? In the Short Term? In the Long Term?136
 A Case Could Be Made on Either Side / Phyllis Hart, Joyce Germaine Watts136
 Forced Racial Integration Has Produced Poor Results / Lyman Ho138
 Upgrade Education in Schools Serving Poor and Minority Children / Kati Haycock140
 Integration Is Not Cultural Assimilation / John A. Powell141
 All Students Are Not Equal / Sheryl Denbo, Byron Williams148
 Separation, Then Integration / Marcelitte Failla151
 Symposium: The Standards Movement in Education: Will Poor and Minority Students Benefit?151
 The Standards Movement: Another Warning / John Cawthorne151
 The Standards Movement in Education: A Part of Systemic Reform / Peter Negroni154
 Standards or Standardization? / William Ayers155
 Without Good Assessment, Standards Will Fail / Monty Neill157
 High-Stakes Testing: Potential Consequences for Students of Color, English-Language Learners, and Students with Disabilities / Jay P. Heubert159
 The Education Vision: A Third Tier / S. M. Miller167
 Editor's Introduction171
 Why Not Democracy? / David Kairys171
 New Means for Political Empowerment: Proportional Voting / Douglas J. Amy, Fred McBride, Robert Richie176
 Race, Poverty, and the "Wealth Primary" / Jamin B. Raskin183
 Operating Most Effectively Under the Current System / Ellen Malcolm190
 "We've Closed Down" Hollywood Women's Political Committee192
 "Not the Rich, More Than the Poor": Poverty, Race, and Campaign Finance Reform / John C. Bonifaz193
 I Am a Product of the Voting Rights Act! / Cynthia A. McKinney201
 Editor's Introduction205
 Race, Poverty, and Sustainable Communities / Carl Anthony205
 Race and Poverty Data as a Tool in the Struggle for Environmental Justice / Kary L. Moss209
 Analysis of Racially Disparate Impacts in the Siting of Environmental Hazards / Thomas J. Henderson, David S. Bailey, Selena Mendy Singleton215
 The Street, the Courts, the Legislature, and the Press: Where Environmental Struggle Happen / Rachel Godsil219
 The Truth Won't Set You Free (But It Might Make the Evening News): The Use of Demographic Information in Struggles for Environmental Justice in California / Luke W. Cole225
 Key Research and Policy Issues Facing Environmental Justice / Bunyan Bryant228
 Editor's Introduction235
 Race, Poverty, and the Two-Tiered Financial Services System / Robert D. Manning235
 Race, Poverty, and Transportation / Rich Stolz248
 Race, Poverty, and Corporate Welfare / Greg LeRoy255
 Race, Poverty, and the Militarized Welfare State / Bristow Hardin259
 Race, Poverty, and the Federal Reserve System / Tom Schlesinger266
 Race, Poverty, and Social Security / John A. Powell270
 Race, Poverty, and Immigration / Arnoldo Garcia273
 Race, Poverty, and Globalization / John A. Powell, S. P. Udayakumar279
 Editor's Introduction289
 Notes on the President's Initiative on Race / Chester Hartman291
 The Speech President Clinton Should Have Made / Howard Winant296
 Symposium: Advice to the Advisory Board299
 Public Education, Policy Initiatives, Paradigm Shift / Raul Yzaguirre299
 Needed: An Educational "Bible" / Marcus Raskin302
 Plessy v. Ferguson Lives / Jonathan Kozol304
 Acknowledge, Understand White-Skin Privilege / Julian Bond305
 An Action Agenda / Hugh Price306
 Focus on the Institutional Barriers / Manning Marable308
 Knitting the Nation / S. M. Miller309
 A Ten-Point Plan / Peter Dreier311
 Needed: A Focus on the Intersection of Race and Poverty / Peter Edelman313
 Conversation Is Far from the Central Issue / Howard Zinn314
 If Not Action on Race, Then Straight Talk / Herbert J. Gans316
 Fantasy Moral Capital / Benjamin DeMott317
 Escaping Clinton's Control / Frances Fox Piven318
 ... And Interracial Justice For All / Michael Omi319
 First Peoples First / Lillian Wilmore321
 Conversation Doesn't Pay the Rent / William L. Taylor324
 Spotlight Bigotry's Covert Expression / David K. Shipler328
 A Lesson Plan for Thinking and Talking About Race / Theodore M. Shaw329
 Symposium: Comments on the Advisory Board Report331
 Neither Praise Nor Burial / S. M. Miller331
 Where Is the Declaration of War? / Bill Ong Hing334
 Not a Word of Criticism of Clinton / Clarence Lusane335
 No Surprises / Frances Fox Piven337
 Native Nations Won't Rally Around "One Nation" Concept / Lillian Wilmore338
 "One America" Needs To Be More Than a Nice Slogan / Frank H. Wu339
 Politainment and an Extended Renaissance Weekend / Marcus Raskin341
 "One America" - To What Ends? / Sam Husseini342
 There's No Racial Justice Without Economics Justice / Peter Dreier344
 PRRAC Board of Directors and Social Science Advisory Board363