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Call # KF170 .S53 2004
Author Small, Daniel I., 1954-
Title Letters for litigators : essential communications for opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, and others / Daniel I. Small and Robin Page West
Imprint Chicago, Ill. : American Bar Association, c2004
Book Cover


Descript. xv, 217 p. ; 26 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
Subject Law offices -- United States -- Records and correspondence -- Forms
Practice of law -- United States -- Records and correspondence -- Forms
Legal composition -- Forms
Contents Out reach/inquiry -- Retention -- Demand -- Mediation/arbitration -- Complaint/answer -- Written discovery -- Deposition/examination -- Motions -- Trial -- Local counsel -- Settlement -- Ethical -- Administrative/other proceedings -- Government investigations
Alt Author West, Robin Page
OCLC # 52963310
Table of Contents
Chapter 1Outreach/Inquiry1
 A.To the Client2
  1.Inquiry--Personal Injury--Follow-up2
  3.Inquiry--Telephone Follow-up5
  4.Inquiry--Referral Follow-up6
  5.Inquiry Letter--Follow-up--Responsive Pleading7
  6.Inquiry Letter--Investigation Marketing8
  7.Inquiry--Medical Authorization9
Chapter 2Retention11
 A.Retention Letters12
  1.Retention Letter--Medical Defense12
  2.Retention Letter--Insurance Company Confirm13
  3.Retention Letter--Medical Plaintiff Follow-up14
  4.Retention Letter--Insurance Client Confirm16
  5.Retention Letter--Personal Injury Contingent Fee17
  6.Retention Letter--Personal Injury Follow-up19
  7.Retention Letter--Time Billing--No Retainer24
  8.Retention Letter--Contingent Fee Cover Letter27
  9.Retention Letter--Client Letter--Third-Party Payor28
  10.Retention Letter--Time Billing--Retainer30
  11.Retention Letter--Time Billing--Retainer--Evergreen32
  12.Retention Letter--Time Billing--No Retainer35
  13.Retention Letter--Contingency Fee--Local Counsel37
  14.Retention Letter--Hourly/Retainer39
  15.Retention Letter--Flat Fee Agreement Letter41
  16.Retention Letter--Contingent Fee Agreement43
  17.Retention Letter--Expert45
  18.Retention Letter--Co-Counsel46
 B.Declination Letters47
  1.Declination Letter--Contingent Fee--Employment47
  2.Declination Letter--Contingent Fee--General49
  3.Declination Letter--Contingent Fee--Whistleblower Specific50
  4.Declination Letter--Contingent Fee--Whistleblower General52
  5.Declination Letter--Contingent Fee--Medical Malpractice General53
  6.Declination Letter--Contingent Fee--Medical Malpractice Specific55
  7.Declination Letter--Contingent Fee--Negligence57
 C.Billing Letters59
  1.Billing Letter--Cover Letter59
  2.Billing Letter--Payment Plan60
  3.Billing Letter--Collection61
  4.Billing Letter--Evergreen62
  5.Billing Letter--Request for Client to Advance Expenses63
 D.Withdrawing Representation64
  2.Withdrawal--Contingency Fee65
Chapter 3Demand67
  1.Demand Letter--Consumer Protection68
  2.Demand Letter--Lease70
  3.Demand Letter--Contract Nonpayment72
  4.Demand Letter--Professional Fees74
  5.Demand Letter--Business Defamation76
  6.Demand Letter--Employment--Sexual Harassment79
  7.Demand Letter--Personal Injury86
  8.Demand Letter--Personal Injury--Alternate94
  9.Demand Letter--Personal Injury--Post-Suit98
  10.Demand Letter--Notice to Quit100
  11.Demand Letter--Administrative Tribunal101
Chapter 4Mediation/Arbitration107
 A.To Opposing Counsel108
 B.To the Client109
Chapter 5Complaint/Answer111
 A.To the Court112
  2.Court--Sealed Complaint113
 B.Opposing Counsel115
  1.Opposing Counsel--Extension of Time115
  2.Opposing Counsel--Complaint116
  1.Client--Draft Complaint117
  2.Client--Answer and Scheduling Letter118
  3.Client--Forwarding Complaint--Insurer's Counsel119
Chapter 6Written Discovery Letters121
 A.To Opposing Counsel--Requesting122
  1.Discovery Letter--Discovery Requests122
  2.Discovery Letter--Service on Counsel123
  3.Discovery Letter--Overdue (Perfunctory)124
  4.Discovery Letters--Overdue (Detailed)125
  5.Discovery Letter--Incomplete126
  6.Discovery Letter--Incomplete/Refused--General128
  7.Discovery letter--Incomplete/Refused--Specific129
  8.Discovery Letter--Follow-up to Document Request132
  9.Discovery Letter--Follow-up to Interrogatory133
  10.Discovery Letter--Supplement Request134
  11.Discovery Letter--Follow-up135
 B.To Opposing Counsel--Responding136
  1.Discovery Letter--General Purpose136
  2.Discovery Letter--Document Production137
  3.Discovery Letter--Document Production Supplement138
  4.Discovery Letter--Responses139
  5.Discovery Letter - Interrogatory Supplement140
  6.Discovery Letter - Expert Witness Disclosure143
  7.Discovery Letter - Follow-up - Continuance145
 C.To Client146
  1.Discovery Letter - Client - Request Interrogatory Response146
  2.Discovery Letter - Client - Requesting Document Response147
  3.Discovery Letter - Client - Forward Draft Interrogatory Response148
  4.Discovery Letter - Client - Interrogatory Response149
  5.Discovery Letter - Client - Discovery Meeting151
  6.Discovery Letter - Client - Responses152
  7.Discovery Letter - Client - Requesting Documents153
Chapter 7Deposition/Examination155
 A.To Opposing Counsel156
  1.Deposition Letter - Scheduling156
  2.Deposition Letter - Scheduling (Alternate)157
  3.Medical Examination - Scheduling158
 B.To Client159
  1.Deposition Letter - Notice159
  2.Deposition Letter - Scheduling Letter160
  3.Deposition Letter - Review Transcript161
  4.Deposition Letter - Errata Sheet162
  5.Deposition Letter - Status163
Chapter 8Motions165
  1.Motions - Pretrial Submission166
  2.Motions - Multiple Pleadings167
  3.Motions - Court Order - To Client168
  4.Motions - Requesting Action169
Chapter 9Trial171
  1.Client - Scheduling172
 B.Fact Witness173
  1.Fact Witness - Inquiry173
 C.Expert Witness174
  1.Expert Witness - Client Letter174
  2.Expert Witness - Deposition Review175
  3.Expert Witness - Medical Examination176
  4.Expert Witness - Scheduling179
Chapter 10Local Counsel181
  1.Local Counsel - Fee Agreement182
  1.Local Counsel Follow-up - Service184
  2.Local Counsel Follow-up - Experts185
  3.Local Counsel Follow-up - Discovery186
  4.Local Counsel Follow-up - Deposition187
  5.Local Counsel Follow-up - Status188
Chapter 11Settlement189
 A.To the Client190
  1.Settlement Letter - Demand190
  2.Settlement Letter - Offer191
  3.Settlement Letter - Begin Negotiations192
  4.Settlement Letter - Finalize Distribution of Contingent Fees193
  5.Settlement Letter - Closeout194
 B.To Counsel195
  1.Settlement Letter - Memorializing Settlement - Error in Release195
  2.Settlement Letter - Enclosing Executed Release196
Chapter 12Ethical197
  1.Ethical Letters - Challenge to Conflict198
  2.Ethical Letters - Conflict - Individual200
  3.Ethical Letters - Contact with Employees202
Chapter 13Administrative/Other Proceedings205
  1.Opposing Request for Postponement206
  2.Enclosing Brief208
Chapter 14Government Investigations209
 A.To Client210
  1.To Client - Confirming Letter210
  2.To Client - Joint Defense Cover Letter212
  3.To Client - Scheduling Letter213
  4.To Client - Forwarding Transcripts214
 B.To Others215
  1.To Others - Letter to Agency215
  2.To Others - Third-Party Documents216
  3.To Others - Government Records Response217