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Call # HV91 .W4664 2003
Title Welfare : a documentary history of U.S. policy and politics / edited by Gwendolyn Mink and Rickie Solinger ; with a foreword by Frances Fox Piven
Imprint New York : New York University Press, c2003
Book Cover
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Descript. xxiii, 817 p. ; ill. ; 26 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Public welfare -- United States -- History
Public welfare -- United States -- History -- Sources
United States -- Social policy
United States -- Social policy -- Sources
Alt Author Mink, Gwendolyn, 1952-
Solinger, Rickie, 1947-
OCLC # 52159966
Table of Contents
 Foreword / Frances Fox Piven 
Pt. I1900-19401
1Public Relief and Private Charity (1884) / Josephine Shaw Lowell3
2First National Congress of Mothers: Programme (1897)12
3First National Congress of Mothers: Address of Welcome (1897) / Theodore W. Birney17
4First International Congress in America on the Welfare of the Child: Address to the Delegates (1908) / Theodore Roosevelt20
5Conference on the Care of Dependent Children: Call for the Conference (1908) / Theodore Roosevelt22
6Conference on the Care of Dependent Children: Special Message to the Senate and House of Representatives (1909) / Theodore Roosevelt23
7Illinois "Funds to Parents Act" (1911)25
8Massachusetts Commission on the Support of Dependent Minor Children of Widowed Mothers: Report (1913)27
9Modern Industry in Relation to the Family, Health, Education, Morality (1914) / Florence Kelley29
10Mothers Can Be Trusted (1915) / Lillian D. Wald32
11The Case for Widows' Pensions (1915) / Hannah B. Einstein33
12Conference on Social Insurance: Remarks (1916) / Florence Kelley35
13Conference on Social Insurance: Remarks (1916) / Edith Abbott37
14Conference on Social Insurance: Remarks (1916) / Sherman C. Kingsley40
15Aid to Mothers with Dependent Children (1921) / Emma O. Lundberg42
16Conference on Mothers' Pensions: Proceedings (1922)45
17Come, Let Us Reason Together (1924) / Evalyn T. Cavin53
18Need for Security (1935) Committee on Economic Security55
19Message to Congress on Social Security (January 17, 1935) / Franklin Roosevelt65
20Hearings on the Economic Security Act of 1935 / Grace Abbott68
21Hearings on the Economic Security Act of 1935 / George E. Haynes71
22Social Security Act of 1935: Title IV - Grants to States for Aid to Dependent Children (1935)74
23A Social Security Program Must Include All Those Who Need Its Protection: Radio Address on the Third Anniversary of the Social Security Act (August 15, 1938) / Franklin Roosevelt77
24Statement on Signing Some Amendments to the Social Security Act (August 11, 1939) / Franklin Roosevelt81
25Social Security Act Amendments of 1939: Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Benefit Payments (1939)83
26Louisiana Mothers' Pension Statute (1939)86
27Santa Cruz Child-Welfare Cases (1940)88
Pt. II1940s89
28White House Conference on Children in a Democracy: Final Report (1940)94
29Newport News Administers Cash Payments (1940)99
30Flag Salutes and Food (1940)100
31Families Receiving Aid to Dependent Children (1942) Bureau of Public Assistance101
32The Impact of the War on the Public Assistance Programs (1943) / Jane M. Hoey106
33The Work and Welfare of Children of Agricultural Laborers in Hidalgo County, Texas (1943) / Amber Arthun Warburton, Helen Wood, Marian M. Crane110
34Social Action on Settlement Laws (1944) / Myron Falk115
35Common Human Needs: An Interpretation for Staff in Public Assistance Agencies (1945) / Charlotte Towle118
36Employed Mothers of Children in the A.D.C. Program: Cook County Bureau of Public Welfare (1945) / Ruth A. Kasman120
37Horsefeathers Swathed in Mink (1947) / A. J. Liebling125
38Okies (1947)131
39Public Assistance: A Report to the Select Committee on Finance (1948) Advisory Council on Social Security132
40Hearings on the Social Security Act Amendments of 1949 / Edgar G. Brown135
41Public Assistance as a Social Obligation (1949) / A. Delafield Smith138
Pt. III1950s145
42Fraud and Waste in Public Welfare Programs: Debate in Congress (1951)148
43An Appraisal of What the Critics Are Saying about Public Assistance (1952)155
44Future Citizens All (1952) / Gordon W. Blackwell, Raymond Gould161
45Cleveland Sends 9 Negroes South (1956)165
46The Social Work Syndrome (1966) / Gilbert Y. Steiner167
47California v. Tressie Neal Shirley: Opinions (1961)169
48Illegitimacy and Its Impact on the Aid to Dependent Children Program (1960) Bureau of Public Assistance174
49An American Dependency Challenge (1963) / M. Elaine Burgess, Daniel O. Price191
Pt. IV1960s 
50Facts, Fallacies and Future: A Study of the ADC Program of Cook County, Illinois (1960) Greenleigh Associates199
51Letter to State Agencies Administering Approved Public Assistance Plans (1961) Bureau of Public Assistance204
52The Newburgh Story (1961) / Thom Blair206
53Special Message to Congress on Public Welfare Programs (February 1, 1962) / John Fitzgerald Kennedy212
54Washington, D.C., Welfare Studies (1962)217
55Message to Congress on the Economic Opportunity Act (1964) / Lyndon B. Johnson223
56The Negro Family: The Case for National Action (1965) / Daniel Patrick Moynihan226
57Individual Rights and Social Welfare: The Emerging Legal Issues (1965) / Charles A. Reich239
58The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty (1966) / Richard A. Cloward, Frances Fox Piven249
59Woman Battles Sterlization Ruling (1966) / Harry Trimborn260
60Recipients Aroused: The New Welfare Rights Movements (1967) / Joseph E. Paull264
61Anti-NWRO Letters to Senator Russell Long (1967)269
62United Neighborhood Houses' Antipoverty Hearings (1967)271
63Hearings on Consumer Problems of the Poor (1967) / Janie Boyd274
64A Time to Listen ... a Time to Act: Voices from the Ghettos of the Nation's Cities (1967) U.S. Commission on Civil Rights276
65Governor's Conference on Public Welfare (1967)280
66Hearings on the War on Poverty (1967)282
6747 More Negroes Held in Carolina (1968) / James T. Wooten284
68King v. Smith (1968)286
69Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (1968)290
70Hearing before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (1968)298
71Welfare Is Not a Right: Two Affirmations (1967, 1969)301
72Maximum Feasible Participation (1967, 1969)302
73Call-and-Response (1969) / Jesse Jackson309
74Guerrilla Theater (1969)310
75Welfare Reform: Shared Responsibility (August 8, 1969) / Richard M. Nixon313
76Proposals for a Guaranteed Adequate Income (1969) National Welfare Rights Organization320
77Thompson v. Shapiro (1969)322
78Goldberg v. Kelly (1970)327
79Gallup Polls on Americans' Attitudes about Welfare (1961-1969) / George M. Gallup331
Pt. V1970s337
80Dandridge v. Williams (1970)340
81When You Just Give Money to the Poor (1970) / Fred J. Cook343
82Hearings on the Family Assistance Act of 1970349
83Statement on Welfare Reform (1970) AFL-CIO Executive Council351
84Welfare Rights Activism in the Early 1970s (1971-1973)355
85Wyman v. James (1971)360
86Welfare Myths vs. Facts (1971)364
87The Welfare Mess: A Scandal of Illegitimacy and Desertion (1971) / Russell B. Long368
88Welfare Is a Women's Issue (1972) / Johnnie Tillmon373
89H. R. 1 and the Poverty of Women (1972) National Organization for Women380
90Hearings on Problems in Administration of Public Welfare Programs (1972) / Jeanette Wimbley385
91State's Abortion Law Helps Reduce Welfare Costs (1972)387
92Jefferson v. Hackney (1972)389
93State of the Union Message on Human Resources (March 1, 1973) / Richard M. Nixon394
94Hearings on Health Care and Human Experimentation (1973)398
95Hearings on Health Care and Human Experimentation (1973) / Niel Ruth Cox403
96Hearing on Child Support and the Work Bonus (1973) / Martha S. Greenwalt404
97New Jersey Welfare Rights Organization v. Cahill (1973)408
98Hearings on the Impact of Federal Policies (1973)411
99Funding Sterilization and Abortion for the Poor (1975) / Sheila M. Rothman415
100Welfare Reforms Near a Standstill (1976) / William F. Farrell417
101State of the Union Address (January 19, 1976) / Gerald R. Ford422
102Four Republicans Speak about Medicaid Funding of Abortion (1976, 1978)425
103New Paternity Affidavits Ordered for Welfare Aid in New York City (1977)430
104President Jimmy Carter's News Conference on Welfare Reform (August 6, 1977)432
105Questions Submitted by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan to HEW Secretary Joseph Califano (1978)438
Pt. VI1980s441
106The Coming Welfare Crisis (1980) / George Gilder443
107Before the Fall: Brinkmanship in a Philadelphia Cul-de-Sac (1980) / Nicholas Lemann447
108The Return to Welfare Seems in Vain: A Vain Try to Find the Security the Government Check Can Offer (1980) / Nicholas Lemann452
109Address before a Joint Session of Congress on the Program for Economic Recovery (February 18, 1981) / Ronald Reagan457
110Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981: Summary of Welfare Provisions (1981)459
111AFDC Program Changes under OBRA (1982) Social Security Administration461
112Federal Cuts Frustrate "Working Poor" Mother (1982) / Leslie Bennetts463
113Losing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980 (1984) / Charles Murray466
114Saving the Underclass: Interview with Charles Murray (1985) / Ken Auletta, Michael Bernick468
115Restoring the Traditional Black Family (1985) / Eleanor Holmes Norton475
116Beyond Entitlement: The Social Obligations of Citizenship (1986) / Lawrence M. Mead482
117The Work Ethic State (1986) / Mickey Kaus484
118The Family: Preserving America's Future (1986) White House Working Group on the Family496
119Beyond Welfare (1987) / Daniel Patrick Moynihan499
120Attacking Problems Money Can't Solve (1987) / Michael Novak502
121A Step Back to the Workhouse? (1987) / Barbara Ehrenreich504
122Executive Order on the Family (1987)507
123State of the Union Address (January 25, 1988) / Ronald Reagan509
124Remarks on Welfare Policy (1988) / Gary L. Bauer510
125Poor Support: Poverty in the American Family (1988) / David T. Ellwood516
126Whey Welfare Reform Is a Sham (1988) / Mimi Abramovitz518
127The Family Support Act of 1988: Official Summary (1988)523
128Remarks on Signing the Family Support Act of 1988 (October 13, 1988) / Ronald Reagan533
Pt. VII1990-2002535
129Hearings on the Family Support Act of 1988 (1990) / Bill Clinton540
130Poverty and Norplant: Can Contraception Reduce the Underclass? (1990)543
131Mother-Only Families: Low Earnings Will Keep Many Children in Poverty (1991) General Accounting Office545
132Tough Love Comes to Politics (1991) / Ronald Brownstein551
133Stop Favoring Unwed Mothers (1992) / Charles Murray556
134So How Did I Get Here? (1992) / Rosemary L. Bray558
135Scapegoating Women on Welfare (1993) / Mimi Abramovitz, Frances Fox Piven563
136Public Attitudes toward Welfare Reform: A Summary of Key Research Findings (1993) / Geoffrey Garin, Guy Molyneux, Linda DiVall565
137Women on Welfare Talk about Reform: Clients in Focus Groups Discuss Teen Pregnancy, Child Support, and Time Limits (1994) / Jan L. Hagen, Liane V. Davis569
138Glass Ceilings and Bottomless Pits: Women, Income and Poverty in Massachusetts (1994) / Randy Albelda, Chris Tilly572
139Hearings on the Work and Responsibility Act (1994) / Donna Shalala578
140The Contract with America (1994)587
141Preview of Republican Plans to Reform Welfare (1994)590
142The Bell Curve (1994) / Richard Herrnstein, Charles Murray595
143The Republican Revolution and Welfare Reform (1994)596
144Few Welfare Moms Fit the Stereotypes (1995) / Roberta Spalter-Roth602
145Welfare to Work: The Job Opportunities of AFDC Recipients (1995) / Robin Dennis604
146Beaten, Then Robbed (1995) / Martha F. Davis, Susan J. Kraham608
147Remarks on Child Support Enforcement (1995) / Patricia Schroeder610
148Remarks on Child Support Enforcement (1995) / Lynn Woolsey612
149Fathers' Rights (1995) / David Burgess614
150Remarks on the Personal Responsibility Act of 1995 / Bill Archer619
151Alligators and Wolves (1995) / John Mica, Barbara Cubin622
152Issues in Brief: Teenage Pregnancy and the Welfare Reform Debate (1995) Alan Guttmacher Institute624
153The Stories of Legal Immigrants Who Would Be Affected by House and Senate Welfare Reform Proposals (1995) National Immigration Forum631
154Women's Pledge on Welfare Reform: Eliminating Poverty for Women and Their Children (1995) Women's Committee of One Hundred633
155The End of Motherhood as We Knew It (1995) / Ellen Goodman636
156In Welfare Reform, Governors Miss the Point (1996) / Robert Rector638
157Shame on the Wisconsin Senate, Thompson and Clinton "New" U.S. Welfare Reform: Costs More; Helps Less; Hurts Families and Workplace (1996) / Welfare Warriors640
158Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996642
159C.K. v. New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services (1996)648
160Remarks on Welfare Reform (August 22, 1996) / Bill Clinton658
161Comparison of Prior Law and the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (P.L. 104-193) (1996) Department of Health and Human Services663
162Giant Companies Entering Race to Run State Welfare Programs (1996) / Nina Bernstein680
163Feminists and the Welfare Debate: Too Little? Too Late? (1996) / Felicia Kornbluh682
164Mothers Pressed into Battle for Child Support (1997) / Carla Rivera687
165Welfare's Labor Pains (1997) / Leslie Kaufman691
166For Students on Welfare, Degrees Pay Dividends (1997) / Ann Reynolds693
167Stigma of Welfare Hampers State Push toward Jobs (1997) / Carla Rivera696
168Saenz v. Roe (1999)698
169The National Fatherhood Initiative (1999) / Wade F. Horn706
170Advertisement by the National Fatherhood Initiative (ca. 2000)712
171Implementation of Section 403(a)(2) of social Security Act: Bonus to Reward Decrease in Illegitimacy Ratio (2000) Administration for Children and Families713
172Basic Outline of TANF Program (2000)716