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Call # KF9066.A5 M63 2005
Title Model jury instructions in civil antitrust cases
Imprint Chicago, Ill. : ABA Section of Antitrust Law, c2005
Edition 2005 ed
Book Cover
 WMS STACKS  KF9066.A5 M63 2005    AVAILABLE


Descript. 1 v. (various pagings) ; 23 cm
Note "The Model Jury Instructions handbook builds on the Section's Sample Jury Instructions, which were first published in 1987 and last updated in 1999"--P. xiv
Includes bibliographical references
Subject Antitrust law -- United States
Jury instructions -- United States
Alt Author American Bar Association. Section of Antitrust Law
Alt Title Sample jury instructions in civil antitrust cases
OCLC # 58724467
Table of Contents
ASherman Act - General 
   2Sherman Act Section 13
   3Rule of Reason4
    3BProof of Competitive Harm6
    3CEvidence of Competitive Benefits10
    3DBalancing the Competitive Effects12
   4Interstate Commerce13
   5Foreign Commerce15
BSherman Act - Section 1 
  Contract, Combination or Conspiracy 
   1Definition, Existence and Evidence2
   2Conscious Parallelism7
   4Participation and Intent13
  Horizontal Price Fixing 
   1General Elements19
   2Pricing Agreement Ancillary to Lawful Integration of Economic Activities22
   3Existence of a Conspiracy25
   4Good Intent Not a Defense26
   5Reasonableness of Prices No Excuse27
   6Evidence of Competition28
   7Evidence of Price Charged29
   8Evidence of Similarity30
   9Evidence of Exchange of Price Information32
   10Price Fixing by Exchange of Price Information34
  Horizontal Non-Price Restraints 
   1Existence of Conspiracy38
   2Allocation of Customers39
   3Allocation of Territories42
   4Allocation of Product Markets45
   5Agreement to Limit Production48
   6Group Boycott - Elements of Per se Unlawful Horizontal Concerted Refusal to Deal50
   7Group Boycott - Elements of Per se Unlawful Concerted Refusal to Deal on Nondiscriminatory Terms54
   8Associations - Exclusion57
   9Associations - Liability of Association for Acts of an Agent60
   10Associations - Liability of Member for Acts of Association62
   11Collaborative Purchasing Arrangement63
  Vertical Price Restraints 
   1Minimum Resale Price Fixing Defined67
   2Elements of Minimum Resale Price Fixing69
   3Agreement (Comment and Reference to Other Instructions)71
   4Suggested Resale Prices72
   5Unilateral Action - Colgate Doctrine74
   6Responding to Supplier's Price Changes77
   7Communications with Distributors78
   8Distributor Complaints79
   9Plaintiff's Agreement81
   11Price Promotion and Temporary Distributor Assistance84
   12Consignment Sales85
   13Maximum Resale Price Fixing Defined87
   14Elements of Maximum Resale Price Fixing88
   15Non-Price Restraints Imposed as an Integral Part of a Minimum Resale Price-Fixing Agreement90
   16Other Reasons for Termination or Refusal to Deal93
  Tying Arrangements 
   2Rationale for Prohibition of Tying Arrangements96
   3Elements - Per se Unlawful Tying97
    3AElements - Unlawful Tying under Rule of Reason99
   4Presence of Two Products101
   5Trademarks as Distinct Tying Products103
   6Proof of Conditioning105
   7Existence of Market Power in Market for Tying Product106
   8Foreclosure of a Substantial Volume of Commerce In Relevant Market for Tied Product109
   9Interest of Defendant in Market for Tied Product111
   10Business Justification Defense112
   11Full-Line Forcing115
  Other Vertical Non-Price Restraints 
   2Exclusive Dealing - Definition and Elements120
   3Exclusive Dealing - Rule of Reason123
CSherman Act Section 2 
  Monopolization - General 
   2Monopoly Power Defined4
   3Relevant Market - General6
   4Relevant Product Market7
   5Relevant Product Market - Supply Substitutability11
   6Relevant Geographic Market13
   7Relevant Market - Necessity of Proof15
   8Existence of Monopoly Power - Indirect Proof16
   9Existence of Monopoly Power - Direct Proof23
   10Willful Acquisition or Maintenance of Monopoly Power26
  Monopolization - Refusal to Deal and Leveraging 
   1Essential Facility32
   2Unilateral Refusal to Deal with a Competitor36
   3Unilateral Refusal - Legitimate Business Purpose Defined39
  Monopolization - Predatory Pricing 
   3Impossibility of Recoupment50
   4"Predatory" Pricing Distinguished from "Competition"55
   5Test of Profitability58
   6Prices Based on Expectations about Costs62
   7Prices Below Average Variable Costs But Above Marginal Cost64
   8Prices Above Average Variable Cost But Below Average Total Cost (Inglis Standard)66
   9What Products Must Be Considered in Determining Whether Prices Are Below Cost69
   10Note on Limit Pricing72
   11Prices That Meet Competition73
   12What Price "Meets" Competition76
   13Note on Distress Prices78
   14Note on Promotional Prices79
   15Volume and Market Share Discounts80
  Attempt to Monopolize 
   2Anticompetitive Conduct88
   3Specific Intent90
   4Dangerous Probability of Success95
  Conspiracy to Monopolize 
   2Existence of a Conspiracy103
   3Monopoly Power Defined104
   4Specific Intent105
DSherman Act - Patents 
  Patents - General 
   2Relation to Antitrust Laws8
   3Sherman Act [section section] 1 and 2 - General11
  Patent Acquisition 
   2Sherman Act [section] 1 - Elements15
   3Sherman Act [section] 1 - Rule of Reason17
   4Sherman Act [section] 2 - Elements21
   5Sherman Act [section] 2 - Intent27
  Patent Licensing 
   Patent Licensing - Sherman Act [section] 1 
   1Price Restrictions30
   2Customer, Territorial, and Field of Use Restrictions - Elements34
   3Customer, Territorial, and Field of Use Restrictions - Restraint Beyond Patent Coverage37
   4Customer, Territorial, and Field of Use Restrictions - Rule of Reason39
   5"Grant-Back" Provisions - Elements41
   6"Grant-Back" Provisions - Rule of Reason43
   Patent Licensing - Sherman Act [section] 2 
   7Refusals to Deal47
  Patent Pools 
   2Sherman Act [section] 1 (Price Fixing, Territorial Allocations, and Other Restrictions) - Elements51
   3Sherman Act [section] 1 (Price Fixing, Territorial Allocations, and Other Restrictions) - Rule of Reason54
   4Sherman Act [section] 2 - Elements58
   5Sherman Act [section] 2 - Intent60
  Other Patent Misconduct 
   1Fraudulent Procurement64
   2Sham Enforcement69
ERobinson-Patman Act 
  Seller Liability - Section 2(a) 
   1General Definition of Price Discrimination2
   3Sale of Commodities8
   4Reasonably Contemporaneous Sales10
   5Like Grade and Quality12
   6Net Prices14
   7Competitive Injury - General17
   8Competitive Injury - Primary Line18
   9Predatory Pricing21
   10Competitive Injury - Secondary and Tertiary Line22
   11Functional Discounts27
   12Meeting Competition Defense31
   13Cost Justification Defense36
   14Changing Conditions Defense39
  Buyer Liability - Section 2(f) 
   3Sale of Commodities45
   4Reasonably Contemporaneous Sales47
   5Like Grade and Quality49
   6Net Prices50
   7Competitive Injury52
   8Functional Discounts54
   9Meeting Competition Defense56
   10Cost Justification Defense59
   11Changing Conditions Defense62
   12Knowing Inducement63
  Other Robinson-Patman Provisions and Issues 
   1Brokerage Payments/Commercial Bribery - [section] 2(c)66
   2Advertising and Promotional Allowances and Services - [section section] 2(d) and 2(e)70
   4Single Seller77
   5Note on Damages in Robinson-Patman Cases79
FCausation and Damages 
  Clayton Act [section] 4 Requirements 
   1Injury and Causation2
   2Business or Property7
   1Effect of Instruction as to Damages11
   2Antitrust Damages - Introduction and Purpose12
    2AAntitrust Damages - Bifurcated Trial14
   3Speculation Not Permitted15
   4Causation and Disaggregation18
   5Damages for Purchasers - Overcharges Based on Horizontal Price Fixing, Output Restriction, Market Allocation, or Other Agreements Not to Compete22
   6Damages for Purchasers - Damages for Tying Arrangements24
   7Damages for Purchasers - Class Damages26
   8Damages for Competitors - Lost Profits27
   9Damages for Competitors - Future Lost Profits33
   10Damages for Competitors - Going Concern Value or Goodwill39
   11Damages for Competitors - Preparedness to Enter Business42
   12Damages for Sellers - Buyer Price Fixing44
   13Expert Testimony46
   15Multiple Plaintiffs49
   16Plaintiff's Participation50
   17Trebling of Damages52
  Certain Defenses and Exemptions 
   1Statute of Limitations2
   2Fraudulent Concealment3
   3Noerr-Pennington - Lobbying8
   4Sham Litigation12
  Invocation of the Fifth Amendment 
   1By a Party or a Witness Identified with a Party18
   2By a Nonparty Witness20
  Clayton Act [section] 5(a) - Evidentiary Effect of Litigated Governmental Judgments 
   1Criminal Conviction24
   2Civil Judgment26