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Call # KF533.5 .R53 2005
Author Rice, Larry, 1951-
Title The complete guide to divorce practice : forms and procedures for the lawyer / Larry Rice
Imprint Chicago : American Bar Association, 2005
Edition 3rd ed
Book Cover
 WMS STACKS  KF533.5 .R53 2005    AVAILABLE


Descript. xviii, 797 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Divorce suits -- United States -- Forms
Contents Law office management -- Clients -- Client interview -- Discovery -- Marital dissolution agreement -- Trial -- Final decree -- Petitions -- Consent orders -- Orders -- Miscellaneous pleadings -- Letters -- Pre- and post-marital agreements
OCLC # 60420958
Table of Contents
Chapter 1Law Office Management1
  Case Chart5
  Clerk Assignment Sheet6
  Confidentiality Statement7
  Contract for Employment - Associate8
  Contract for Employment - Clerk9
  Contract for Employment - Paralegal10
  Contract for Employment - Receptionist11
  Contract for Temporary Employment - Associate13
  Deposition Checklist14
  Interview for Staff Position15
  Receptionist Checklist24
  Receptionist Job Description25
  Research Assignment Sheet26
  Staff Typing Test Key27
  Staff Typing Test28
  Supply Chart29
  Tasks and Accomplishments30
  Team Preferences31
  Time Abbreviations32
  Withdrawal of Counsel - Consent Order33
  Withdrawal of Counsel - Motion34
  Withdrawal of Counsel - Order35
Chapter 2Clients37
  Addition to Contract39
  Anti-Duress Affidavit40
  Release of Information41
  Client Book42
  Private Investigator Information89
  Other Clauses101
  Letter - Attorney Referral102
  Letter - Client Copy103
  Letter - Court Setting - Contested104
  Letter- End Letter to Client106
  Letter - Follow-up to Happy Client112
  Letter - Newsletter113
  Letter - Referral Out114
  Letter - Referral In115
  Letter - Social Security116
  Letter - Thank You117
  Mutual Release118
  Notice of Attorney's Lien119
  Notice of Nonrepresentation120
  Notice of Representation121
  Potential Client Questionnaire122
  Press Release Example124
  Promissory Note125
  Release of File127
  Statement of Authorization129
  Statement of Authorization - Child130
  Trial Warning for Client132
  Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit133
  Waiver of Discovery134
Chapter 3Client Interview137
  Client Card139
  Divorce Data140
  Divorce Worksheet186
  Strategy Sheet188
Chapter 4Complaints189
  Amendment by Right190
  Answer and Countercomplaint191
  Answer of Incompetent193
  Answer Pro Se194
  Answer to Complaint195
  Answer and Countercomplaint196
  Complaint - Complex198
  Complaint- - Irreconcilable Differences and Inappropriate Marital Conduct with Children204
  Complaint for Divorce - Irreconcilable Differences207
  Complaint for Divorce - Irreconcilable Differences with Children209
  Consent Order of Protection211
  Ex Parte Order of Protection212
  Injunction - Mandatory Mutual214
  Letter - Opposing Party Copy215
  Letter - Opposing Party - Non-representation with Complaint216
  Letter - Opposing Party - Copy of Complaint and Discovery Non-representation Statement217
  Motion for Bill of Particulars218
  Motion to Strike and/or Dismiss219
  Notice for Order of Protection220
  Order for Plaintiff to File Bill of Particulars222
  Order of Protection223
  Stipulation Allowing Amendment225
  Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act Affidavit226
Chapter 5Discovery227
  Admissions Interrogatories and Production - Assets232
  Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents and Things - Standard235
  Letter - Copy of Discovery to Client251
  Request for Supplementation252
  Waiver of Discovery253
  Motion to Have Admissions Deemed Admitted255
  Reply to Request for Admissions256
  Request for Admissions - Both Guilty257
  Request for Admissions258
  My Words - lie list259
  Deposition Checklist260
  Deposition and Transcript Index Outline261
  Deposition Instructions for Client262
  Deposition Packet268
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Deposition Notice270
  Notice to Take Deposition271
  Deposition Questions with Pocket Questions272
  Deposition Questions - Expert290
  Deposition Questions - Pocket Questions301
  Income - 18 Months - Subpoena Exhibit302
  Letter - Deposition Setting304
  Letter - Copy of Notice to Take Deposition305
  Notice of Filing of Deposition306
  Notice to Take Deposition307
  Notice to Take Deposition upon Written Questions308
  Notice to Take Deposition309
  Bank Records Subpoena Exhibit310
  Subpoena for Deposition311
  Written Questions for Deposition of _312
  Consent Order Compelling Discovery313
  Consent Order Extending Time to Respond to Discovery314
  Consent Order Protecting Documents315
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Past-Due Discovery316
  Motion to Compel Discovery and Sanctions317
  Motion to Compel Discovery318
  Motion for Sanctions319
  Order Imposing Sanctions321
  Outline for Discovery Sanction Motions322
  Affidavit in Support of Motion to Require Mental Examination323
  Affidavit in Support of Motion to Require Drug Test324
  Consent Order on Mental Examination325
  Consent Order on Psychological Examination326
  Motion to Require Drug Test327
  Motion to Require Mental Examination328
  Order for Psychological Examination329
  Interrogatory Bank330
  Interrogatories - Standard333
  Reply to Interrogatories343
  Request for Production of Documents - Standard344
  Request for Production of Things and Entry upon Land for Inspection Purposes353
  Motion to Obtain Statement of Witness354
  Order on Motion to Obtain Statement of Witness355
  Request for Statement356
Chapter 6Marital Dissolution Agreement357
  Additional Agreement - Venereal Disease Treatment358
  Irrevocable Education Trust361
  Letter - Client - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Careful Consideration365
  Letter - Client - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Don't Sign Certificate366
  Letter - Client - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Forward to Spouse367
  Letter - Client - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Return to Attorney368
  Letter - Suggesting that Marital Dissolution Agreement Be Signed369
  Marital Dissolution Agreement370
  Notice of Revocation401
  Parenting Plan - Permanent402
  Parenting Plan - Temporary414
  Quit Claim Deed417
  Self-representation Stipulation419
  Waiver of Discovery420
Chapter 7Alternate Dispute Resolution423
  Consent Order Referring Case to Mediation425
  Motion for Mediation426
  Motion Requesting Court to Choose Mediator427
  Order Appointing Mediator428
  Order Referring Case to Mediation429
Chapter 8Trial431
  Affidavit as to Attorney's Fees436
  Affidavit in Support of Attorney's Fees437
  Affidavit of Custodian of Medical Records438
  Cost Assessment Sheet439
  Subpoena for Divorce Referee Hearing - Employer440
  Subpoena for Divorce Referee Hearing - Party441
  Expense and Income Statement442
  Expert Witness Qualification444
  Instructions for Witnesses446
  Letter - Court Setting - Contested - Instructions448
  Letter - Client - Enclosing Pretrial Affidavit450
  Letter - Client - Referee Hearing451
  Letter - Court Setting - Defendant Notice and Final Decree452
  Letter - Court Setting - Grounds453
  Letter - Court Setting - Irreconcilable Differences454
  Letter - Thank You455
  Letter - Witness with Notes on Testifying456
  Marital Balance Sheet457
  Motion for Finding Facts Specifically458
  Motion for Pretrial Conference460
  Motion to Divorce Referee461
  Notice of Attorney as Party or Material Witness462
  Offer of Judgment463
  Order on Default Judgment465
  Outline - Final Argument Alimony Outline466
  Outline - Final Argument Custody469
  Outline - Final Argument Property471
  Pretrial Affidavit473
  Pretrial Memorandum476
  Pretrial Order for Contested Divorces479
  Proof of Official Record Certificate480
  Proposed Ruling481
  Script - Irreconcilable Differences with Children483
  Trial Warning for Client485
Chapter 9Final Decree487
  End Checklist488
  Final Decree of Divorce - Complex492
  Final Decree of Divorce - Inappropriate Marital Conduct499
  Final Decree of Divorce - Irreconcilable Differences - Children501
  Final Decree of Divorce - Irreconcilable Differences - Children and Real Estate504
  Final Decree of Divorce - Irreconcilable Differences - No Children507
  Letter- Client - End of Case509
  Letter - Court Setting - Defendant's Notice and Final Decree512
  Letter - Court Setting - Irreconcilable Differences513
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Final Decree514
  Letter - Opposing Party Copy515
  Letter - Plan Administrator on Qualified Domestic Relations Order516
  Notice of Voluntary Non-suit517
  Order of Dismissal with Prejudice518
  Order of Non-suit519
  Qualified Domestic Relations Order520
Chapter 10Motions523
  Motion Checklist526
  Universal Motion Form527
  Affidavit in Support of Drug Test528
  Motion Excepting to Ruling of Divorce Referee529
  Motion for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem530
  Motion for Bill of Particulars531
  Motion for Counseling532
  Motion for Court to Receive Minor's Testimony as to Custody Preference533
  Motion for Finding Facts Specifically534
  Motion for Mediation536
  Motion for Pretrial Conference537
  Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay and for an Expedited Hearing538
  Motion Requesting Court to Choose Mediator539
  Motion for Sanctions540
  Motion for Summary Judgment541
  Motion Limiting Contact with the Judge542
  Motion to Alter, Amend, or Vacate Judgment543
  Motion to Amend544
  Motion to Appeal the Referee's Ruling545
  Motion to Appoint Attorney Ad Litem for Minor546
  Motion to Compel Discovery547
  Motion to Compel Discovery and Sanctions548
  Motion to Dismiss on Pleadings549
  Motion to Obtain Statement of Witness550
  Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis551
  Motion to Require Drug Test552
  Motion to Require Mental Examination553
  Motion to Set Aside Dismissal and Grant Divorce Nunc Pro Tunc554
  Motion to Strike and/or Dismiss556
  Motion to Withdraw as Counsel557
  Outline on Discovery Sanctions and Compel558
Chapter 11Petitions559
  Petition Checklist562
  Universal Petition Form563
  Petition for Judicial Attachment565
  Petition for Orders of Protection567
  Petition for Injunction569
  Petition for Custody Pendente Lite572
  Petition for Child Support574
  Petition to Set Payments576
  Petition for Contempt578
  Petition to Modify the Previous Order of the Court580
  Petition for Specific Visitation582
  Petition for Expense of Defense of Child's Interest584
  Petition to Move from the Jurisdiction of the Court586
  Petition to Intervene and to Modify the Previous Order of the Court588
  Petition for Specific Visitation by Grandparent590
  Letter - Client - Enclosing Petition for Notarized Signature592
  Letter - Opposing Party - Court Notice593
  Petition for Child Support594
  Petition for Expense of Defense of Child's Interest596
  Petition for Injunction598
  Petition for Judicial Attachment600
  Petition for Orders of Protection602
  Petition for Registration of Final Decree of Divorce and Property Settlement Agreement604
  Petition for Specific Visitation by Grandparent607
  Petition for Specific Visitation609
  Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus and Restraining Order611
  Petition to Intervene and to Modify the Previous Order of the Court614
  Petition to Modify the Previous Order of the Court616
  Petition to Move from the Jurisdiction of the Court618
  Petition to Set Payments620
  Writ of Habeas Corpus622
Chapter 12Consent Order623
  Universal Consent Order624
  Consent Order Changing Custody625
  Consent Order Compelling Discovery627
  Consent Order for Enrollment of Final Decree of Divorce628
  Consent Order Extending Time to Respond to Discovery629
  Consent Order for Guardian Ad Litem630
  Consent Order Modifying the Previous Order of This Court633
  Consent Order of Protection634
  Consent Order on Mediation635
  Consent Order on Mental Examination636
  Consent Order on Sale of Property637
  Consent Order Setting Specific Visitation638
  Consent Order Protecting Documents640
  Consent Order Referring Case to Mediation641
  Consent Order Sealing Entire Record642
  Consent Order Substituting Counsel643
  Consent Order Allowing Counsel to Withdraw644
Chapter 13Orders645
  Order on Motion to _646
  Order on Petition to _647
  Letter - Entry of Order648
  Letter - Forwarding Order to Opposing Counsel for Signature649
  Non-Qualified Domestic Relations Order650
  Order Allowing Counsel to Withdraw653
  Order and Notice for Chapter 13 Hearing654
  Order Appointing Mediator658
  Order Compelling Discovery659
  Order Dropping Case from Calendar660
  Order for Exclusive Use of Parties' Home661
  Order for Income Assignment662
  Order for Plaintiff to File Bill of Particulars663
  Order for Psychological Examination664
  Order Imposing Sanctions665
  Ex Parte Order of Protection666
  Order of Protection667
  Order of Reconciliation669
  Order of Reference670
  Order on Citation for Contempt671
  Order on Default Judgment673
  Order on Motion to Alter or Amend Final Decree674
  Order on Motion to Obtain Statement of Witness675
  Order on Pendente Lite Support676
  Order Referring Case to Mediation677
  Order Releasing Garnishment and Setting Payments678
  Order Terminating Reconciliation and Placing Case on Court's Docket679
  Pretrial Order for Contested Divorces680
  Qualified Medical Child Support Order681
Chapter 14Miscellaneous Pleadings683
  Affidavit - Universal684
  Certificate of Service685
  Durable Power of Attorney686
  Notice for Order of Protection689
  Notice of Attorney as Party or Material Witness690
  Notice of Attorneys Lien691
  Notice of Filing of Deposition692
  Notice of Nonrepresentation693
  Notice of Representation694
  Notice of Revocation695
  Notice to Take Deposition696
Chapter 15Letters699
  Letter - Client -Advising Against Signing Marital Dissolution Agreement700
  Letter - Client - About Yelling at Staff701
  Letter - Client - Advising Careful Consideration of Marital Dissolution Agreement702
  Letter - Court Setting - Defendant Notice and Final Decree703
  Letter - Client - Advising Against Signing Marital Dissolution Agreement704
  Letter - Client - Antenuptial705
  Letter - Attorney Statement - HIPPA706
  Letter - Bank - Sending Copy of Subpoena707
  Letter - Clerk of Court for Filing708
  Letter - Client - Copy709
  Letter - Client - Enclosing Pretrial Affidavit710
  Letter - Client - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Return to Attorney711
  Letter - Court Setting - Contested712
  Letter - Client - Referee Hearing714
  Letter - Client - Review715
  Letter - Client - Petition for Notarized Signature717
  Letter - Client - Deposition Setting718
  Letter - Opposing Party - Contempt Warning719
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Notice to Take Deposition720
  Letter - Court Setting - Grounds721
  Letter - Court Setting - Irreconcilable Differences722
  Letter - Credit Card Companies - Closing Accounts723
  Letter - Deposition Setting724
  Letter - Client - Discovery725
  Letter - Divorce Packet726
  Letter - Opposing Party - Do or Die727
  Letter - Client - End of Case728
  Letter - Client - Follow-up733
  Letter - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Client to Forward to Spouse734
  Letter - Military - Suggesting that Marital Dissolution Agreement Be Signed735
  Letter - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Client to Return to Attorney736
  Letter - Newsletter737
  Letter - Offer of Judgment to Wife's Attorney738
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Past-Due Discovery739
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Entry of Order740
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Final Decree741
  Letter - Opposing Party - Copy742
  Letter - Court Setting - Opposing Party743
  Letter - Opposing Party - Copy of Complaint, Discovery and Non-representation Statement744
  Letter - Opposing Party - Non-representation with Complaint745
  Letter - Opposing Counsel - Order for Signature746
  Letter - Plan Administrator - on Qualified Domestic Relations Order747
  Letter - Enclosing Pretrial Affidavit748
  Letter - Professionals - About Divorce749
  Letter - Psychological Consultation750
  Letter - Recommending Continuing Legal Education Seminar751
  Letter - Referral Out of Potential Client752
  Letter - Second Referral753
  Letter - Request for Certified Copies754
  Letter - Requesting Child's Educational Records755
  Letter - Requesting Child's Medical Records756
  Letter - Doctor's Report Request757
  Letter - Hospital for Records758
  Letter - Opposing Party - Marital Dissolution Agreement - Suggesting Signing759
  Letter - End Tax Letter760
  Letter - Witness - Thank You761
  Letter - Client - Trust Replenishment762
  Letter - Client - Urging Payment763
  Letter - Witness - Appearance Excuse764
  Letter - Court Setting - Witness with Notes765
Chapter 16Premarital and Postmarital Agreements767
  Antenuptial Agreement - "Less than Zero"769
  Antenuptial Agreement776
  Conditional Deed of Gift785
  Letter - Antenuptial786
  Postmarital Agreement787
  Reconciliation Agreement790
  Revocation of Premarital Agreement792