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Call # KF5605 .G58 2006
Author Glicksman, Robert L
Title Modern public land law in a nutshell / by Robert L. Glicksman, George Cameron Coggins
Imprint St. Paul, MN : Thomson/West, c2006
Edition 3rd ed
Book Cover
 WMS STACKS  KF5605 .G58 2006    AVAILABLE


Descript. lxiii, 404 p. ; 19 cm
Series West nutshell series
Nutshell series
Note Includes index
Subject Public lands -- United States
Natural resources -- Law and legislation -- United States
Alt Author Coggins, George Cameron, 1941-
Alt Title Modern public land law
OCLC # 66289936
Table of Contents
Chapter 1Modern Public Land Law: An Introduction1
 AThe Field of Federal Public Land Law3
 BThe Federal Lands and Resources7
  1Interests in Lands7
  2Federal Natural Resources8
   bHardrock Minerals8
   cLeasable Minerals9
   eGrass (or Range)10
Chapter 2History of Public Land Law13
 AAcquisition of the Public Domain14
 BDisposition of the Public Domain: The Beneficiaries and the Legacies16
  1Early Public Land Policy and Problems16
  2Statehood and Equal Footing17
  3Grants to States18
  4Grants to Settlers20
  5Grants to Miners21
  6Grants to Railroads23
  7Grants for Reclamation23
  8Legacy of the Disposition Era24
 CReservation and Withdrawal in the Age of Conservation25
 DPermanent Retention and Management29
  1Constitutional Authority29
  2The Legacy of the Conservation Era31
   aThe National Forest System32
   bThe BLM Public Lands33
   cThe National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS)34
   dThe National Park System34
   eThe Preservation Lands35
 EA Modern Legacy of Public Land History: Access to Federal Lands36
Chapter 3Constitutional Authority on the Federal Public Lands: Congress and the States39
 AJurisdiction Within Federal Enclaves39
 BThe Property Clause (on Federal Lands)42
 CThe Property Clause (off Federal Lands)45
 DFederal Preemption48
 E"Takings" Limits on the Exercise of Congressional Power54
  1Takings Law in General54
  2Takings in Modern Public Land Law59
Chapter 4Authority on the Public Lands: The Executive and the Courts66
 BJudicial Review68
  1Standing to Sue69
  2Timing and Preclusion75
  3Reviewability and Scope of Review78
 CExecutive Withdrawals, Reservations, and Classifications85
  1Historical Definitions and Practices85
  2FLPMA Withdrawals90
 DLand Exchanges, Sales, and Other Transfers94
  1Land Exchanges95
  2Land Sales and Acquisitions97
 EAccess Across Federal Lands100
 FThe Public Trust Doctrines in Public Natural Resources Law105
 GAn Introduction to Public Land Use Planning: The National Environmental Policy Act108
  1The Purposes of NEPA and the Limits of Judicial Review109
  2Judicial Review of the Threshold Preparation Question113
   aProposals for Legislation114
   bProposals for Agency Action114
   cFederal Actions116
   dMajor, Significant Actions117
  3Judicial Review of EIS Adequacy121
   aScope of Review121
   bDiscussion of Alternatives122
   cSupplemental EISs124
   dInjunctive Relief126
Chapter 5The Water Resource128
 AThe Acquisition of Water Rights on the Public Lands128
 BFederal Water Resources Development139
 CWatershed Management145
Chapter 6The Mineral Resource149
 AHardrock Minerals: The General Mining Law of 1872150
  1Lands Open to Prospecting151
  2Locatable Minerals152
  3Prospector's Rights Before Discovery: Pedis Possessio153
  5Discovery of a Valuable Mineral Deposit157
  6Assessment Work160
  7Patenting Mining Claims161
  8Inroads on the Right of the Mining Claimant163
 BMineral Leasing173
  1Coal (and Chemical Minerals)175
  2Oil and Gas186
  3Geothermal Energy195
 CSplit Estates: Problems Where Mineral Interests are Separated From Surface Interests197
  1Federal Minerals Under Private Surface198
  2Private Minerals Under Federal Surface201
Chapter 7The Timber Resource204
 ATimber Contracts208
  1Advertisement and Bidding208
  2Contract Terms and Duration210
 BTraditional Forest Service Management214
  1The Multiple-Use, Sustained-Yield Act214
  2The Watershed: Clearcutting, Monongahela, and the NFMA218
 CModern Forest Management220
  1Federal Timber Policy220
  2The National Environmental Policy Act222
  3Forest Planning226
   aIntroduction to Planning Processes226
   bSubstantive Constraints on Timber Harvest Planning229
  4Timber Management on the BLM Lands236
Chapter 8The Range Resource240
 APre-FLPMA Grazing: The Common Law and the Taylor Grazing Act241
 BModern Post-FLPMA Public Rangeland Management247
  1The National Environmental Policy Act247
  2The Federal Land Policy and Management Act and the Public Rangelands Improvement Act249
  3Land Use Planning on the BLM Public Lands257
   aJudicial Review257
   bContents and Consequences263
  4The Wild, Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971264
Chapter 9The Wildlife Resource267
 AWildlife and the Constitution269
 BEndangered Species Protection272
  1Listing and Critical Habitat Designation275
  2The Section 7 Consultation Process281
  3The Duties to Avoid Harm and Conserve Listed Species286
  4The Section 9 Prohibition on Takings289
 CThe National Wildlife Refuge System293
 DWildlife Conservation and Management on Other Federal Lands298
  1The National Park System298
  2National Forest System and BLM Lands300
  3Subsistence Use of Wildlife306
Chapter 10The Recreation Resource308
 AAcquisition of Recreational Lands309
 BRecreation and the National Park System314
 CNational Recreation Areas and Trails320
 DRecreation on Other Federal Lands323
 EOff-Road Vehicle Regulation327
  1ORV Use on the BLM Public Lands328
  2ORV Use on Other Federal Land Systems331
 FFederal Liability for Recreational Mishaps337
Chapter 11The Preservation Resource343
 APreservation of Archaeological and Historical Artifacts345
 BExternal Threats350
  1External Threats From Non-Federal Lands350
  2External Threats From Federal Lands353
 CRiver Preservation355
  1Designating Wild and Scenic Rivers355
  2Managing Wild and Scenic Rivers357
 DWilderness Preservation361
  1The Evolution of Official Wilderness361
  2The Wilderness Act of 1964: Management of Wilderness Areas363
  3Expanding the Wilderness System369
   aThe National Park and Wildlife Refuge Systems369
   bThe National Forest System370
   cBureau of Land Management Lands376
    iThe Inventory Process376
    iiInterim Management: FLPMA Section 1782(c)378