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Call # K3791 .A97 2006
Title Art and cultural heritage : law, policy, and practice / edited by Barbara T. Hoffman
Imprint Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2006
Book Cover
 INTL  K3791 .A97 2006    AVAILABLE


Descript. xxxviii, 562 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm
Note Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Cultural property -- Protection -- Law and legislation
Alt Author Hoffman, Barbara T
OCLC # 62225407
Table of Contents
 Preface and acknowledgment / Francis Neate, Emilio J. Cardenas 
 Preface and acknowledgment / Alissandra Cummins, John Zvereff 
 Preface and acknowledgment / Michael Petzet, James K. Reap 
 Introduction : exploring and establishing links for a balanced art and cultural heritage policy / Barbara T. Hoffman1
1The law of Se : linking the spiritual and material / Ramon Gil, Alan Ereira21
2The obligation to prevent and avoid destruction of cultural heritage : from Bamiyan to Iraq / Francesco Francioni, Federico Lenzerini28
3Beyond Bamiyan : will the world be ready next time? / James Cuno41
4The role of the museum in developing heritage policy / Alissandra Cummins47
5An archaeologist's view of the trade in unprovenanced antiquities / Neil Brodie52
6Reflexions on the causes of illicit traffic in cultural property and some potential cures / Manus Brinkman64
7The growing complexity of international art law : conflict of laws, uniform law, mandatory rules, UNSC resolutions and EU regulations / Guido Carducci68
8Introduction to parts II and III : cultural rights, cultural property, and international trade / Barbara T. Hoffman89
9Management and conservation of Guatemala's cultural heritage : a challenge to keep history alive / Juan Antonio Valdes94
10The protection of cultural patrimony in Peru / Jack Batievsky, Jorge Velarde100
11Cultural patrimony and property rights in Peru / Alberto Martorell-Carreno105
12Putting the IFAR Cuzco inventory to work / Frederic J. Truslow109
13Cultural property legislation in Mexico : past, present, and future / Norma Rojas Delgadillo114
14The protection of cultural heritage in Colombia / Juan Carlos Uribe119
15Chronological overview of developments in Bolivian and Latin American cultural heritage legislation with a special emphasis on the protection of indigenous culture / Elizabeth Torres124
16Illicit traffic in cultural heritage in the Southern Cone : a case study based on the Paraguayan experience / Oscar Centurion Frontanilla134
17The Nigerian and African experience on looting and trafficking in cultural objects / Folarin Shyllon137
18The protection of cultural heritage items in New Zealand / Ian Barker145
19Angkor sites, cultural world heritage / Kerya Chau Sun148
20International art transactions and the resolution of art and cultural property disputes : a United States perspective / Barbara T. Hoffman159
21The illicit trade in cultural objects : recent developments in the United Kingdom / Adrian Parkhouse178
22Summum ius suma iniuria : stolen Jewish cultural assets under legal examination / Peter Raue185
23European Union legislation pertaining to cultural goods / Barbara T. Hoffman191
24Hypothetical on the enforcement of export prohibitions and a commentary on the hypothetical / Richard Crewdson194
25Excerpts from the memoire "Le Regime Juridique et Fiscal Francais des Importations et Exportations d'Oeuvres d'Art" / Pearl Gourdon197
26World heritage - linking cultural and biological diversity / Mechtild Rossler201
27Judicial interpretations of the world heritage convention in the Australian courts / Matthew Peek, Susan Reye206
28Paris down under - world heritage impacts in Australia / Jane L. Lennon210
29The cultural landscape of the agave and the production of Tequila / Ignacio Gomez Arriola, Francisco Javier Lopez Morales216
30National heritage areas : developing a new conservation strategy / Brenda Barrett, Nancy I. M. Morgan, Laura Soulliere Gates220
31The United States and the world heritage convention / James K. Reap234
32Cultural heritage legislation : the historic centre of Old Havana / Maria Margarita Suarez Garcia239
33The World Bank's policy on physical cultural resources / Charles E. Di Leva245
34BTC pipeline project and the preservation of cultural heritage / Gary Paulson249
35Tale of Zeugma and the Birecik project / Dogan Yagiz255
36The impact of cultural resources laws on the United States mining industry / Robert A. Bassett260
37Minimising the environmental and cultural impacts of oil operations in emerging economies : transnational oil companies and voluntary international environmental standards / Alexandra S. Wawryk264
38The 2001 UNESCO convention on the protection of the underwater cultural heritage / Tullio Scovazzi285
39The collision of property rights and cultural heritage; the salvors' and insurers' viewpoints / Forrest Booth293
40Finders keepers losers weepers - myth or reality? An Australian perspective on historic shipwrecks / Derek Luxford300
41The shades of harmony : some thoughts on the different contexts that coastal states face as regards the 2001 underwater cultural heritage convention / Ariel W. Gonzales308
42Underwater cultural heritage at risk : the case of the Dodington coins / John Gribble, Craig Forrest313
43Intellectual property and the protection of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions / Wend B. Wendland327
44Who owns traditional knowledge? A personal and industry view / Bo Hammer Jensen340
45Protecting Maori heritage in New Zealand / Maui Solomon352
46Culture, science, and indigenous technology / Hester du Plessis363
47Recent developments in the regulation of traditional herbal medicines / Zelda Pickup, Christopher Hodges370
48The "universal museum" : a case of special pleading? / Geoffrey Lewis379
49Africa and its museums : changing of pathways? / George H. Okello Abungu386
50The national institute of anthropology and history / Maria del Perpetuo Socorro Villareal Escarrega394
51How much provenance is enough? Post-Schultz guidelines for art museum acquisition of archeological materials and ancient art / Ildiko P. DeAngelis398
52Maori Taonga - Maori identity / Arapata Hakiwai409
53Unfolding intangible cultural heritage rights in tangible museum collections : developing standards of stewardship / Gerald R. Singer413
54Indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights : a digital library context / Robert Sullivan416
55The role of museums today : tourism and cultural heritage / Yani Herreman419
56Finding solutions for lost cities : indigenous populations and biological and cultural diversity / Alvaro Soto429
57Cultural heritage preservation : a national trust perspective / Trevor A. Carmichael436
58Costa Rica's biodiversity law : searching for an integral approach to cultural and biological diversity / Vivienne Solis Rivera, Patricia Madrigal Cordero440
59Partnership paradigms combining microbial discovery with preservation of tropical biodiversity and sustainable development / Barbara T. Hoffman448
60Costa Rica's legal framework for the sponsorship and protection of its cultural heritage / Sara Castillo Vargas452
61Financial regulations and tax incentives with the aim to stimulate the protection and preservation of cultural heritage in Spain / Maria Rosa Suarez-Inclan Ducassi455
62ARPAI : the successful intervention of private citizens in the protection of Italy's artistic and archaeological heritage / Alida Tua461
63Arbitration of international cultural property disputes : the experience and initiatives of the permanent court of arbitration / Brooks W. Daly465
64Mediation as an option for resolving disputes between indigenous/traditional communities and industry concerning traditional knowledge / J. Christian Wichard, Wend B. Wendland475
65Thoughts of an alternative dispute resolution practitioner on an international ADR regime for repatriation of cultural property and works of art / Ian Barker483