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Resource Name ProQuest Congressional
Alternate Resource Name LexisNexis Congressional
  Congressional Universe
  ProQuest Congressional Research Digital Collection
  ProQuest Congressional Record Digital Collection
  ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collection
  LexisNexis Congressional Research Digital Collection
  Congressional Research Service Reports
  CRS Reports
  LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection
  Congressional Hearings: Digital Collections Retrospective A, B and C
  ProQuest Congressional Set
Description Bills & Public Laws 1987-present; Committee Prints & misc. publications 1817-present; Congressional Record Bound Edition & predecessors 1789-2001; Congressional Record Daily Edition 1985-present; Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports 1916-present; Hearings 1817-present; House & Senate Documents 1817-present; House & Senate Reports 1789-present; Serial Set publications 1789-present; Serial Set Maps 1789-1969; CIS Legislative Histories 1969-present.
Author ProQuest Information and Learning Company
Resource Subject Legislation
  Legal History
  Government Documents
  Political Science and Government
Authorized users G.U. Law Center community
Off-campus access Yes - with NetID or GoCard authentication
Concurrent Users Unlimited
Terms of use Current faculty, staff and enrolled students may use this database for academic, scholarly and other educational purposes only. Additional restrictions on use may be set forth in the license agreement.
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full text @ ProQuest Congressional Jan. 01, 1989- Bill Tracking [electronic resource]
full text @ ProQuest Congressional Jan. 01, 1970- Cis Index To Publications of the United States Congress [electronic resource]
ProQuest Congressional 1981-
Code of federal regulations [electronic resource]
full text @ ProQuest Congressional Jan. 01, 1990- Congressional Committees [electronic resource]
ProQuest v. 1 (1873-)
Congressional record [electronic resource] : proceedings and debates of the ... Congress
full text @ ProQuest Congressional Jan. 01, 1995- Congressional Record . Guam Congress [electronic resource]
full text @ ProQuest Congressional Congressional Testimony [electronic resource]
full text @ ProQuest Congressional July 01, 1980- Federal Register [electronic resource]
full text @ ProQuest Congressional Jan. 01, 1995- Hill [electronic resource]
full text @ ProQuest Congressional Jan. 01, 1980- Public Laws [electronic resource]
ProQuest Congressional Current
United States code [electronic resource] : the general and permanent laws of the United States / prepared by the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives
full text @ ProQuest Congressional United States Code [electronic resource]