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Resource Name CQ Electronic Library
Alternate Resource Name CQEL
  CQ Researcher
  CQ Weekly
  Supreme Court Compendium
Description The CQ Electronic Library (CQEL) is an interface that provides access to and search capability across various CQ publications that are subscribed to individually. GEORGETOWN'S SUBSCRIPTION ACCESSES CQ RESEARCHER, CQ WEEKLY, THE SUPREME COURT COMPENDIUM and THE NEW YORK TIMES ON THE SUPREME COURT, plus THE CQ PRESS POLITICAL REFERENCE SUITE and POLITICAL CONTACT SUITE titles.
Author CQ Press
Resource Subject Legislation
Authorized users All Georgetown U.
Off-campus access Yes - with NetID or GoCard authentication
Concurrent Users Unlimited
Terms of use Current faculty, staff and enrolled students may use this database for academic, scholarly and other educational purposes only. Additional restrictions on use may be set forth in the license agreement.
Connect to Title Coverage online Titles Included in this Database
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The CQ researcher [electronic resource]
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CQ weekly [electronic resource]
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The Supreme Court compendium [electronic resource] data, decisions, and developments